Having enticing employee benefits can be helpful for any business, regardless of size or sector. With a reported 41% of employees feeling satisfied with the benefits they currently receive, it is certainly an area of a company’s culture that could do with some extra support to improve.

Offering numerous benefits to your employees can help with boosting morale amongst your workforce. When it comes to potential candidates, having a strong selection of benefits available can help with attracting quality talent to your business.

If you are an employer looking for ways to further enhance and boost the company culture amongst your workforce, here are a few alternative benefits that you could offer to your employees.

Offer Outplacement Support

There might be a time where you might, unfortunately, have to let a member of your team go. It can be an incredibly difficult decision for an employer to make, and a tough decision to hear for the employee who is being terminated. However, with outplacement services, you can help a terminated employee move into a new job. This could include supporting them with searching for a job, updating their CV and coaching them through interviews.

For instance, Randstad RiseSmart is a globally renowned firm offering employers the opportunity to further strengthen their brand and motivate their current talent. Additionally, they also support firms looking to offer outplacement to any of their employees.

With firms such as this offering outplacement guidance, it helps to make this option more accessible to any firm, regardless of size or sector. This level of support will be greatly appreciated by employees who are moving within the company or who are transitioning into a new career. It will not just be beneficial to the employee, it will be advantageous to the rest of the company, as it creates a professional and peaceful working relationship. One that will be highlighted by employees, both current and past, when discussing their experiences whilst working for the company.

Business Health Insurance

An increasingly popular choice being implemented in many businesses, and what employees tend to seek the most, is business health insurance. Having a group medical insurance policy for your employees provides them with access to receive high-quality healthcare in some of the private hospitals across the UK. This includes allowing employees to skip any NHS waiting list for eligible conditions.

Worthwhile Investment

It is reported that 4 in 5 employees want company benefits or perks over having a pay rise. Statistics such as these only shed light on why you should consider thinking creatively to find ways to attract and retain highly talented employees. Since candidates looking for a new job do take into consideration the company culture and the benefits that are included with the job, having one or multiple large benefits could sway their decision in applying for a role. Most employee benefits do not need to cost your company a fortune for them to be effective. Small gestures such as work drinks or paying for lunches once a month are often greatly appreciated by employees. If you are unsure about what avenue to take, communicate with your employees to see what benefits they would like to be implemented in helping the company to improve. With this information, you can begin to look for what options are available to you.