Quality office space is an invaluable part of any business. It plays a large role in setting the pace of day-to-day productivity, and effectively becomes a home away from home for most employees. With this in mind, a business has everything to gain from optimizing its workspace –and conversely, everything to lose from ignoring its importance.

Here are three office hacks that new businesses should keep in mind to make the most out of their choices in real estate.

Swim Against the Tide

There’s a reason why businesses like thecommondesk.com/, which offer innovative solutions for clients looking for offices for rent, have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years: new businesses have become more likely to defy convention. They’ve learned how to choose office spaces that reflect the raw potential and dynamism that they embody.

Coworking spaces are a prime example of this. They focus on offering businesses a shared work environment alongside the basics such as private conference rooms and offices, all while throwing in amenities and added services like free-flowing coffee and periodic social events.

New businesses, which opt for coworking, tend to enjoy a highly productive workspace thanks to the number of focused professionals chasing their deliverables at every corner, as well as the transfer of knowledge and best practices through daily interactions with fellow tenants. Coworking space providers like Common Desk also lend invaluable help in securing employee motivation through added services such as an in-house gym and recreational programs.

Traditional office setups, though well-established choices, can restrict the creativity and energy needed for a business to really take off. Think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to defy the norm if a more preferable alternative exists.

Don’t Skimp on the Essentials

One of the primary reasons why offices like Google are so attractive for employees is that they’ve managed to maximize the value in every last bit of basic office hardware. Most desks can be converted to standing desks, their chairs are selected for comfort and back support, and more often than not, they take extra care to make sure their bathrooms are beyond clean and stocked at any given moment.

There are reasons why choosing the right chairs and desks can boost productivity, but the overall effect of making sure your office basics are covered well is far more impactful. Simply put, your employees feel like their office is taking care of them, and would therefore be more likely to take care of it.

The little things stack up in big ways when it comes to employee morale and satisfaction, so make sure to give them as little to complain about as possible –from the lighting to the very desks where the bulk of their day-to-day transpires.

Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry

Whoever said that food is the way to a person’s heart was on to something. The human being has a primal need for security when it comes to the availability of food, and a primal sense of satisfaction that comes when they know it’s readily accessible.

This isn’t to say that employees need buffet tables open throughout the day to boost their productivity. But having snacks available throughout the day can help employees of a certain disposition put more focus into their tasks, and boost everyone’s spirits by proving their workplace values their happiness enough to keep them well-fed.

The best choice would be a variety of light and healthy food choices allocated to each department for them to share. Certain fruits are believed to keep the mind sharp, and sweets can help employees manage the pressure of deadlines and deliverables–things that new businesses can rarely avoid.

The three tips listed above can be boiled down to a simple bit of advice: when optimizing your workplace, remember that employees are people with social and physical needs. It’s easier to design a daily working experience for employees when you imagine what features and essentials you’d most appreciate and work your hardest to appreciate.