How many times have you, as owner or director of an SME, looked around the workplace wishing things were neater and cleaner? Sometimes it’s embarrassing to meet with clients in your office because it’s like walking into a cyclone, but there just isn’t time to keep up with business while tidying up the office. Yes, time is money and you’ve very little free time as it is, so perhaps you need the services of a professional janitorial company. Here are 3 very good reasons to consider doing just that.

1. Cost Effective in More Ways Than One

As a small to medium size enterprise, hiring full time janitorial staff may not be an option. You are already working within a limited budget, and hiring another full-time employee just isn’t possible. Not only would you need to pay a salary, but benefits packages are also expected in today’s economy. Not only is it less expensive to hire professional janitors in terms of payroll, but also because most professional janitorial services bring their own equipment and cleaning supplies. You will obviously be responsible for such things as toilet paper and hand towels, but disinfectants and air fresheners are usually part of the service. If you are working with a limited budget, this may be the best option; Regional Services allow you to hire them on an ad-hoc basis so you aren’t tied into a contract.

2. No Need to Pull Staff from Their Duties

You’ve noticed that even when you assign employees the weekly or daily task of emptying bins and tidying the restrooms, something is always left undone. Whether it’s work sitting on their desk that isn’t completed or cleaning duties set aside, there just isn’t time in the course of the day to do extra work with the load they are already responsible for. Here again, time is money, and you can’t afford to pull staff from jobs that keep the money rolling in.

3. A Cleaner Germ-Free Environment

One additional benefit to hiring professional janitorial services is the fact that they use industrial strength cleaners and disinfectants to keep areas as germ-free as possible. With fewer germs being spread in the workplace, you will find that employees take fewer sick days and are more productive at work when they are feeling well. With telephones being wiped regularly, floors mopped, toilets and basins cleaned and door handles wiped and sprayed, you will notice a healthier and more productive work force.

Instead of worrying your way through keeping your business clean and sanitary, why not consider hiring a professional janitorial service to come in regularly to keep the job done? It is their business, so nothing is left half done and your staff will be able to focus better on the work at hand. It is more cost effective to contract a service than it is to pay salary and benefits to another full-time employee, and you know that when their work is done, it’s done well. It is, after all, their profession and one they don’t take lightly. Not only will your staff appreciate a cleaner workplace but your clients will as well, so how can you lose?