Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has changed, some would even say it has changed forever. It has changed not just in the way people live their lives, but in how companies conduct their businesses. And as the race to discover a vaccine intensifies, businesses are now left scrambling and trying to figure out how they can proceed with an online presence in order to remain in operation.

For those companies that have not focused on their online presence in the past, this can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. Clearly, the focus is on keeping customers happy and ensuring that business is able to continue, but how exactly is that done? Here are three services that companies who are moving to an online presence for the first time can use. These will make the process smoother and more productive for all.

Connect with an Experienced Website Designer

The first step in moving business online is to ensure that the website is both user-friendly and mobile optimized. Both of these can be achieved by an experienced website designer and developer.

A user-friendly website is one that is easy to navigate, loads quickly and without issue, features simple to use menus, provides a way for visitors to contact customer service, and of course, has an eye-catching and uncomplicated design.

In terms of mobile optimization, what this means is that the site can be loaded, browsed, and used to make purchases via a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The experience on a mobile device needs to be exactly the same as on a desktop.

Make Sure You Have Dependable IT Support

The thing about technology is that it’s great when it’s working. As a business that is transitioning to an online presence for the first time, it’s important that you expect issues and problems to pop up. In order to keep business running smoothly and limit downtime, professional IT support is necessary. offers IT support in Kent and surrounding areas. The company stresses just how important these types of professionals are for businesses moving to an online presence. Not only are they able to ensure all your equipment is operating properly, which allows customers to go ahead and make their purchases and for the back-end to follow all the necessary processes, but technology can also help your company to achieve future goals when the right equipment is used. Professional IT techs can advise you on what that “right” equipment is.

Choose a Web Host that Can Handle Your Traffic

You also want to be sure that the website can handle the volume of traffic you expect, which is your web hosting provider. The last thing you want to deal with is a website that constantly crashes or glitches because the traffic is too high. Customers will get sick of this really quickly and you may end up losing them for good.

Your Business is Ready to Succeed Online

By securing each of these services your business is sure to succeed in an online environment.