The corporate world may have been in recession over the last few years but this downturn in fortune for some will never stifle the continuation of innovation and invention. As companies start to look to how their future shapes up, here are the top 4 areas of business innovation which are set to change the way we work over the next decade. 

  • Energy 

For those companies wanting to focus on energy use and efficiencies, the main advances will be in biofuels and renewable sources. Large turbines and wind farms will increase to capture the power of the ocean currents and winds and biofuels which won’t lead to a rise in food prices around the world will begin to feature more on the open market.

With regards to energy in technology, patent lawyers at could well be working with clients on inventions which repurpose energy from all kinds of unexpected sources such as that from our own bodies to eventually recharge smartphones and tablets. Batteries which are packed full of more power and don’t need as much charging will be used to increase the use of electric cars as well as laptops.

  • Healthcare industry 

There are already many health management technologies and tools available on the market but there will be the innovation of self-diagnostic products over the next few years which can be used in the home.  Heavy medical machinery will become smaller and more portable and items only seen on hospital wards will be transformed to be utilised in the home or in more rural areas where receiving acute care is currently a challenge; this is set to be a busy time for the healthcare sector.

  • The face of finance 

The experience of 2007 and the industries which surrounded the meltdown of stock markets around the world will eventually see the emergence of a new financial sector. Predictions are for products, services, tools and systems which will be more robust, have safeguards in place to help protect investors and companies and the availability of instruments to accurately value and trade commodities and stocks.

  • Transportation 

For true futurists, flying cars are still at least a lifetime away but innovations and changes in thinking in transport mean that there are new products emerging along with ecological moves in ideology.

Cars which can drive themselves were once part of science fiction and whilst they aren’t going to take over the roads anytime soon, many of the major car manufacturers have launched prototypes which perform well on the test track. More people are car sharing to help the environment and advances in tracking mean that GPS products are becoming more responsive and accurate.

One major change in transportation which is just about to hit the market in a major way is the use of in-car apps. Ideas ranging from live systems which can spot the driver is running behind on their journey and can phone ahead to the destination to let them know their new arrival time  through to technology which can monitor how awake the driver is and to alert them when they are becoming drowsy are all at the final stages of development.