With a telecommunication system firmly integrated into your company, the latter can run into surprisingly few boundaries. Thanks to advances in telecoms technology, some ways of working which once seemed futuristic are now science fact, not science fiction.

If your company’s current telecoms system has not been replaced in a while, here are some of the strongest incentives to give it an overhaul truly fitting of 2018.

Employees can interact over longer distances

The Telegraph cites the phenomenon of “unified communications”, whereby functionality and practical advantages of mobile and digital communications effectively mesh together.

One of the biggest merits of this trend is that many employees are no longer tethered to the office if they want to continue smoothly communicating with each other. According to a survey of over 3,000 UK employees, about 43% of employees do at least some work outside their employer’s office.

Working on the move becomes easier

For many employees in 2018, the working day begins not once they have entered the office at 9am, but instead even earlier, when they are commuting to their bricks-and-mortar workplace.

22% of UK employees have reported their commute letting them get more productivity out of their day. Meanwhile, 29% have said that their ability to work while in transit is down to their access to technology. Without the right tools, workers can’t expect to thrive.

Everything can be in one place – the cloud

When a high number of a company’s workers become geographically scattered due to business travel needs, it raises the question of how these workers can continue accessing the same resources.

This query has a simple answer: the cloud! By storing their items in the same secure cloud to which all of the team members have access, they can more simply and quickly collaborate on documents. The cloud also hosts Planet Numbers VoIP phone services to spread cost savings to more workers.

Workers are well-equipped to ride the telecoms revolution

Yes, a telecoms revolution is underway; indeed, is there ever a time when one isn’t? Reassuringly, 80% of self-perceivably highly productive workers have, in a poll, revealed themselves to have suitable technology for use in driving their heightened productivity.

61% of Generation Z workers who have grown up surrounded by technology unsurprisingly believe that the standard of their own technology increases their daily output.  

Employees can work increasingly cleverly

As digital innovations come even closer to the fore, we can anticipate strongly aspiring businesses increasingly tapping into practical benefits of “joined-up” technology.

The workplace is becoming yet more digitalised, with some of the technological trends furthering this including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, digital convergence and, of course, high-speed connectivity. So, how can firms better position themselves to capitalise on these trends?

One possibility is that these companies could switch to a VoIP service for their phone system. After all, this system relies on a cloud-based network that is easy to customise to firms’ changing needs. Businesses can phone the Planet Numbers customer helpline, 0800 088 6543, to learn more.