The fire and safety engineering is one of the toughest and in-demand career paths that involve the prevention of fire and its associated risks. It is a dangerous profession that is not for the weak-hearted and requires a strong sense of commitment towards the general public. Check out the following list of intriguing career options that will allow you to save thousands of lives while instilling in you surviving skills at the same time!

  • Design Director – Design directors are responsible for assessing fire hazard and designing of fire safety systems for housing complexes. They are proficient at analysing the rate of spread of smoke inside buildings and develop emergency response strategies. These professionals combine fire simulation devices with virtual technology to recommend improvements in building planning. These professionals also engage in creating systematic designs for effective fire protection systems and timely evacuation of occupants from a burning building.
  • Engineer – Engineers in the field of fire and safety spends time designing systems, products and procedures that can prevent damage caused by fire. They research possible causes of fire and decide on appropriate fire protection methods. On a daily basis, these professionals help organisations defend their properties against fire hazards. Their main purpose is to use their knowledge to save lives before a fire occur. They are primarily hired by industries dealing with hazardous chemicals to work full time at refineries, fire departments or architectural firms.
  • Fire-Prevention Research Engineer – Fire-prevention research engineers are solely accountable for conducting research to determine the cause and methods of preventing fires. They prepare educational materials related to fire prevention for insurance companies, for firefighters and police to obtain information. These professionals analyse and determine causes of fires, including fire protection methods and design, as well as recommending materials or equipment.
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  • Fire Protection Engineer – Fire protection engineers plays a crucial role in developing products and techniques to prevent or extinguish fires. They are proficient in devising ideal ways to escape from fires at homes and in buildings. These professionals are responsible for inspecting buildings and homes to determine fire hazards, suggesting changes in them to make buildings safer. In addition to this, they may carry out training sessions on fire protection and prevention, advising on ways to extinguish large-scale fires.
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  • Loss Control Manager – Loss control managers are responsible for managing and developing control programmes associated with fire safety. They also engage in administering risk management operations, such as insurance or other financial risks, thereafter researching and documenting cost-effective plans to mitigate problems and minimise loss. These professionals are expected to keep abreast with any alterations to government laws and regulations pertaining to loss control, for effective implementation of the same.
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