If you’re struggling to gain employment, it may be that you need to spend some time improving certain skills that will help your CV be the one that stands out from the pile. Don’t fear there are a number of things that you can do to demonstrate that you have the essential skills that employers are always looking for.

  1. Take a distance learning course

If you have gaps in your education, a distance learning course might be just what you need to get ahead. This type of learning course has many benefits including flexibility, lack of entrance requirements and affordability – all of which give you the opportunity to progress on your chosen career path.

  1. Volunteer

Arguably, there is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to employment than by volunteering. Spending time working for a charity organisation, for example, will allow you to pick up essential skills such as communication and teamwork as well as showing that you are motivated enough to help a cause that you care for.

  1. Network

Not only will professional networking put you in touch with people that may be able to find you employment, but it will strengthen your communication skills, negotiation skills and even your IT skills. Using professional social media sites such as Linkedin will allow you to market your skills correctly, alongside helping you to reach out to people that may have the same mindset.

  1. Try a new hobby

Taking up a new hobby will show motivation and commitment to learning something new as well as helping your CV to stand out from the crowd, especially if you take up something rather niche! Plus, recent studies at Oxford University have even shown that practising a new skill or hobby can improve connectivity within the brain, meaning that it will be more efficient during our everyday tasks.

  1. Travel

Anyone who has travelled, especially alone, will know how stressful it can sometimes be if things don’t go to plan but the general rule is that the more you deal with stress, the better you’ll be able to manage it. Spending time abroad will also give you experience building a rapport with people that you may not otherwise communicate with.

  1. Learn a new language

The ability to speak a second language can open more doors than you’d think. These days, more employers are looking for this skill as it allows companies to build stronger relationships with international clients. It has also been scientifically proven that being fluent in more than one language can improve a person’s multitasking abilities, a key skill for any employee.

  1. Start your own small business

When we say ‘start a business’, we don’t mean build an empire from the ground up. A business can be something as small as selling your unwanted items on eBay or at a car boot sale over the weekend. This will help you with your numeracy skills, improve the way that you negotiate and demonstrate a huge amount of initiative to potential employers.

Once you’ve got your employability skills mastered, check out CV-Library Jobs listings for a career that’s right for you.