Starting a profitable business does have its rewards, but it also has risks as well. There are ups and downs and there is always something that can go wrong. What separates a good business is the ability to take hits and keep on moving. The best businesses are able to survive anything. Every business will experience some bumps in the road, but what matters is how you recover.

The way that you recover from a failing business is what makes you great. We are going to give you some tips that can help you turn a failing business around or prevent it from getting to that point, to begin with.

Try digital marketing

If you are using traditional forms of media, you are probably throwing money down the drain. You can get better, more targeted results by using Google AdWords or Facebook advertising. People use them because they work. You can start off small and increase your budget when necessary.


With Google AdWords, you can set keywords to trigger your ads. When people type in those keywords, your ads will come up and the person who typed it in those keywords will be able to see your ads. This means that people who are looking for what you have to offer will be able to see your ad. Google also tracks clicks, so you will be able to remarket to those same people who click, but were not ready to purchase.

Facebook ads are another great option you can use. These ads are so targeted and so powerful, it’s crazy, you can target people based on all types of interests and demographics. You really can target your ideal audience.

Rent your vehicles instead of purchasing them

Renting vehicles instead of purchasing them is a great way to save money. You can rent a large passenger van instead of purchasing one You can really save money on repair and maintenance and you save money on all of those monthly payments you’re making. You also only need to spend money on the vehicles that you are actually using. No more wasting money on vehicles that are not being used. You can just return your rental when you are done. This is critical in times of business crisis.

Try getting rid of underperforming employees

Generate a list of the employees you want to keep and let go of those you don’t.  Make sure that you are careful with this though. Do not let employees go in waves because your best employees will leave as they will be worried about their job security.

Get a good accountant

A great accountant can really help you reduce costs and get those tax-deductible items out the way for you.

Get rid of the least profitable clients

The least profitable clients can often be more trouble than they are worth and they can use up time that you could be using on more profitable clients. If a client is generating little profit for you, you may want to let them go. Give your business some room to breathe.

Reassure your clients

If your business is in trouble, there is a chance that your clients have heard about it. Reassure them that your business is safe and that you will continue to provide the best quality services for them.

Don’t stop taking risks

When your business is it trouble, it can be natural to play it too safe and avoid taking any risks. However, if you do this, you risk becoming stagnant and going into an even further hole. It may take some risks to get your business out of the hole it may be in now.

Reduce costs

Make a spreadsheet containing all of your expenses and determine what you need or don’t need. Get rid of what you don’t need.