Planning on graduating? 

As an economics degree holder, you can work for a large multinational or a small organisation, for profit or non-profit. Perhaps you will work at a research agency such as Intomart or at the marketing department of multinational company. Whatever path you choose, there is currently a need for people who have commercial economics as their basis. 

Your own business?

If you are a born leader, you can grow into a management position with CE. But perhaps entrepreneurship attracts you and you’d like to start your own business. How about your own marketing consultancy firm?

A fast paced environment

In a world based on the exchange of goods and services, mastery of economic knowledge and tools is essential. If you are not afraid of figures and have a good analytical mind, economics is the career for you. Especially as the opportunities are real, provided you have a 5-year degree.

The economy is the lifeblood of our society, without it our society would not last long. This is why companies, but also the State, have never had so much need for experts capable of knowing and deciphering the movements of the economy and finance in order to take the strategic decisions that are necessary. If you are not afraid of figures and have a good analytical mind, then economics is the career for you. Especially as there are opportunities in many fields: banking, insurance, accounting, commerce, public service, teaching, etc. Economics revision and exam prep will be important to augment your chances of succeeding of course.

The professions of the economy: key positions in the company

Every company seeks to develop its business. It is not only about selling products or services but also about maximising profits. This is why they need professionals capable of analysing their financial situation and taking strategic decisions on positioning, investments, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, etc. These positions are only accessible to high profiles, such as business school graduates, chartered accountants or doctoral students in economics and management. Here are some jobs that will be available to you thanks to an economics degree:


Economics and management are the university studies that open the doors to the world of banking and insurance. Two complementary activities, since banks are now involved in insurance and vice versa. From trader to financial product designer, credit analysts, customer advisors… this innovative and dynamic world is still creating jobs. Indeed, in these professions the real added value is human. It is the skills of the men and women who make the difference.


Profitability, prospects, markets, financial data… are the elements that allow analysts to predict the evolution of a company, its value and its development. For companies listed on the stock exchange, for investors, for portfolio managers, for traders… this work is strategic.


The role of the statistician has become increasingly strategic in the organisational systems of modern societies. Public bodies, parapublic structures or large companies need to create statistical models from which they can design their future actions. Methodology, information gathering and research strategies are part of their know-how. Then, he/she has to exploit this information to analyse it according to the fields of study. This profession, which has a wide range of applications, can therefore be practised internally in large structures or companies, but also in research firms specialising in opinion polls, sociology of work or organisation.


With the globalisation of the economy and the creation of free trade zones, the territory of companies is becoming increasingly vast and the development of their strategy therefore involves international work. They need to call on export specialists. The “Economics” and “Management” courses, particularly through their openness to European issues, train for these professions. The principles of economics and management remain the best reference points for adapting to an import or export activity.