If you are a Heavy Goods Vehicle owner or own a company that operates a fleet it is worth noting the importance of getting adequate level of insurance.  Due to the sheer number of cars currently on the road and showing no signs of slowing down, driving has become hazardous.  HGV’s especially on the motorways are considered a higher risk due to their heavy load and difficulty driving in tight conditions.

How do you find HGV insurance that meets your needs and requirements?

Thankfully there are lots of companies providing HGV insurance.  Use comparison websites to find the best rate.  It is worth taking into consideration there are various factors which can affect your quote as detailed below; do ensure you keep these the same when comparing quotes.

  • Breakdown Recovery
  • Legal Fees
  • Contents Insurance
  • Public Liability

Take a moment to consider which extras you are likely to need.  Many of these will increase your premiums, keep costs down and choose extras you need.  There are also lots of insurance companies that have specific packages for fleet cars.

How can I save money on my premiums?

In the current economic it should come as no surprise millions of people are looking for ways to save money.  The good news is there are plenty of deals to be had on HGV insurance as we will discover in more detail below.

Shop Around

Try and avoid running to the first quote.  There is no rush, take your time and remember it is your business and you deserve the best possible cover to give you the necessary peace of mind when you drive your lorry every single day.

May be obvious but shopping around can save you hundreds of pounds.  It is always recommended you obtain at least three quotes.  The internet in particular can show you how to do this.  Use comparison websites to save you trawling the internet for the best deals.  They are perfect for obtaining a quick summary of quotes.

NOTE: The summary of quotes are displayed with the cheapest at the top of the page.  Admittedly it can be very tempting to pick the cheapest offer.  Go through the quote with a fine tooth comb, the cheapest quote can equal the highest excess.  So do take time to review the details.

Do bear in mind that the type of business you run will play some role in your insurance quote.  If you are a company that includes international trading on a regular basis or are involved in moving goods from one location to the next, you need to be prepared to pay a slightly higher premium in comparison to a small business owner that works in their local area.

Alternatively contact an insurance broker who will be able to provide a wealth of advice to ensure you get the best possible price/deal.