It’s hard being a parent nowadays. There is everything to worry about, from how they’ll fit in at school to if they’re eating right. And on top of that, there’s worries about how they will deal with the climate crisis, the housing crisis, the energy crisis, and every other problem the world likes to hit us with on daily basis.

There are a few things that can make life a little easier, however. There are solutions to parents’ problems found on the internet. If any of them apply to you, perhaps look into using one of these available online resources.

BBC Bitesize

Can you believe BBC Bitesize is still going? Some of us were using the BBC Bitesize platform to use when the internet still emitted a dial-up tone to get it going.

For those of you not privy to this slice of nostalgia, BBC Bitesize is a learning platform that has only become better with age. There are resources for students, parents and teachers abound in this learning platform. Primary school, secondary school, and courses for ages 16 and up are all available. You can add a few interesting courses like “What do Native Americans celebrate?” to your child’s regular curriculum or entirely learn from home with the school curriculum available online.

To make things even easier, there is the BBC Bitesize Revision app, which will help you and your little one study for school from your phone or tablet.

Nursery Story

If you are shopping around for a nursery for your kid, ask if they have Nursery Story. Nursery Story is a nursery management software that allows nursery managers to give the best possible care for your child. Not only does it allow for paperless administration, allowing your nursery workers to have all you and your child’s information at their fingertips, but your communication with the nursery will be vastly improved.

You can download the parent app to gain an insight into your child’s day form naptime to activities and be instantly informed of any problems through instant messenger, saving the need for phone calls interrupting work. Plus, nursery workers can share updates on learning in the moment if anything catches their eye.


A calendar is vital for a parent. Between school, after school activities and socializing, there is so much to keep track of. But to really make sure you don’t miss a dentist appointment or your kid’s turn to walk the dog, download Cozi.

Cozi was initially created as a business app, since a shared calendar has a lot of appeal, but when parents saw the colour-coded organiser instantly showed you what members of the family had to be involved in any given activity, they had to have it. Now Cozi has offered the family organiser with a simpler design, and even a built-in shopping list that anyone in the family can add to. Split up the housework evenly in this app that anyone can add to, to keep everything up to date.