Financial apps help to keep you in the loop with your finances. Managing your spending, income, money, and investments is very important.


This is one of the most used personal finance apps. Mint is a money manager and financial tracker app. It keeps everything regarding your finances together. The app can be connected to your bank accounts and you can easily check your balance. You can see your credit score and net worth, it tells you roughly what amount of loan you can access. Moreover, mint helps you with your budget through its budgeting tips. Bills can be tracked and paid using this app as well as viewing the account balances. Mint is convenient and saves late payment penalties. You’ll know when it’s due, what’s due, and how much you owe. It saves you time because everything is in one place and there no need to be on different sites. You can also create multiple budgets to manage income better based on your spending habits. You can even create a budget for your real money gaming bankroll.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB helps you to eliminate the chances of living from paycheck to paycheck. When it comes to budgeting, this app can work wonders for you. It’s budgeting effectiveness helps you to get out debt. With YNAB budgets are created based on your income and it avoids the problem of over budgeting. Budget doesn’t permit you to budget for the money that you don’t have. As mentioned, if you have enough budget, you can also budget for entertainment such as playing casino games at popular sites like New Zealand casino sites.

YNAB is directly connected to your bank accounts. In real-time, you can access all financial information and share with your partner without any hassle. In addition, YNAB is not only about budgeting but it has other tools such as debt pay down to help you with tips on how to pay your debt. You are able to set financial goals and accomplish them faster. The app offers personal support to its users with the available support team via email or live chat.