Every time you send out an email to your customers or to the group membership, you promise yourself that you will finally get a piece of newsletter software. The issue is that you just do not know which one to go for. What makes a good program and what features should you look out for? Well, try these three features and you can’t go wrong.

The Content

The whole point of sending out an email newsletter is to get a message across and get people to react to what you are saying. It might be an invite to an event, a round up of what has gone on or you might be trying to sell something, but you need to present it in an interesting and professional manner.


How much do you really want to spend to get your email out to your members? Some software can very pricey, so it’s worth looking around and finding one that fits your budget. Most trustworthy, respected companies will offer a free trial or use, so look out for that. Either of these lets you know the company believes in how good its software is.

Compatible Products

Does the software automatically link in with other useful programs? The right newsletter software will allow you to create an event in one program and then automatically send out the newsletter from another and, even better still, automatically track your responses and analytics in another.


The great thing about Postman is that it can do all of these things for you and if you just want to test it out, there is a free option. If you head over to http://www.postmannewsletter.com/, you can sign up for a free account which allows you 500 mailings. Once you’ve used your free limit, you will undoubtedly want to sign up for the full service and they are very competitively priced. It’s all based on how many mailings you need to do each month. The prices are:

  • 1000 mailings – 12 EUR
  • 3000 mailings – 28 EUR
  • 5000 mailings – 44 EUR
  • 10000 mailings – 84 EUR
  • 20000 mailings – 154 EUR
  • 50000 mailings – 364 EUR

When you are looking for the best Newsletter software, there is only one place to start and that is with the Postman.