Studying business or finance is a great way to get a career in these diverse and dynamic industries off the ground. Whether you are interested in the fundamentals of these topics or enjoy the appeal of your salary and career progression options, there are plenty of reasons to invest in yourself and your education. Choosing a college, university or other educational institution can be a tough task, however, especially given the competitiveness of the best schools. To help you narrow down your list, here are three of the best business schools in Britain.


Oxford is by far one of the world’s most famous universities, and its business school is well-known for providing students with a high-quality and rigorous education. The Said Business School on Park End Street offers a whole host of degree programmes, including the MBA, to those who are looking to hone their business skills. One particular advantage of Oxford is that it offers both practical and theoretical courses. Students who want to learn about economic theory, for example, can do so while simultaneously learning about management skills.


The London School of Business and Finance, or LSBF, is also a top-notch institution for those who are looking to study business or finance. One of the key advantages of this school is that it offers everything from a traditional-style MBA to other relevant qualifications such as an accountancy certificate, an ACCA and a CIMA. No matter which area of finance or business you wish to pursue, you will have opportunities to do so when you enrol at LSBF. With education options at LSBF outside of London available as well, you can study for your qualifications in locations such as Manchester.


Located near Milton Keynes, Cranfield is one of Britain’s top business and management schools, and it is well-known for the quality education that it offers. Cranfield has a range of options and modes of study for students to consider, which highlights its versatility. From individual research projects involving a field of business that you are interested in to workplace research projects that involve both you and your employer, Cranfield can – and does – provide opportunities for everyone who wants to surge ahead in the business world, no matter what their preferred route might be.

Studying for and earning a degree in business or finance is something that many people dream of, and while it may seem like a struggle to choose the right institution, you have various options at your disposal. One way to decide on a school is to look at the type of education that it offers. If it is primarily theoretical or practical, for example, then you may find that you would prefer one over the other and can make your choice accordingly. You might also prefer to decide based on location – while there are plenty of great universities in the South of England, you also have opportunities to study business and finance in the North.