There have been a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about Bitcoin over the years. It has been a challenge to correct them and get people in the right direction. To provide a very brief background, Bitcoin SV (BSV), with SV standing for Satoshi Vision, is the original Bitcoin. Is it not Bitcoin Core (BTC) that is the original one? It most definitely is not—the only thing it retained from the original is its ticker symbol of BTC. BSV has been working with Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, known in the real world as nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright, since it separated from the BTC community and up until now. BSV has already restored the original Bitcoin protocol as close as possible to what was specified in the Bitcoin white paper that Nakamoto published in 2008.

At present, the BSV blockchain is the only infinitely scalable blockchain in the world; and scalability is crucial to Bitcoin’s survival as stated by Nakamoto years ago. A set-in-stone protocol as rock-solid foundation and a massively scalable network are what powers the BSV blockchain to accommodate big data and provide low-cost microtransactions. Furthermore, it is designed to be an honest data ledger that aims to be used by banks in order to improve their systems, and not replace them.

There are so many more false interpretations of the Bitcoin white paper and smear campaigns against BSV. One of the ways to address this is through the launch of Bitcoin SV Academy in 2020 that is geared towards providing accurate and university-style Bitcoin and blockchain education. It is an initiative spearheaded by Bitcoin Association, a Switzerland-based organization that pushes enterprise adoption of the BSV blockchain.

“For most of Bitcoin’s existence there has been little regard given to providing accurate educational resources from which interested parties can form their knowledge. Bitcoin SV Academy is working to rectify that, by providing the highest standard of education regarding what Bitcoin is—and what it is capable of becoming,” curriculum specialist Evan Freeman said during an interview.

The Association is committed to reaching as wide an audience as possible in order to educate and empower people about the real value the original Bitcoin and its blockchain. The Academy offers three certificate courses: Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Development and Bitcoin Infrastructure at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, with all introductory courses free of charge. Most recently, the Academy is also giving away a free eBook that provides in-depth blockchain education.

“Education is a cornerstone of the work we do at Bitcoin Association, as we help businesses and individuals alike understand the Bitcoin system envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto, and how Bitcoin SV is the only project implementing that Satoshi Vision. Bitcoin SV Academy will be a key component of that work moving forward, providing a platform to deliver a robust curriculum tailored to all levels of ability and knowledge, as we educate the world about just what’s possible with the power of the original Bitcoin protocol,” Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said during the BSV Academy launch.

On top of the BSV Academy, Bitcoin Association has also partnered with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands to launch the first-ever BSV-focused massive open online course (MOOC), the first of four free online courses. With these Bitcoin education initiatives set in place, it is only a matter of time when the world understands the truth about Bitcoin.