BSV Hackathon is an event like no other, specifically designed to bring novice and world-class developers together in an open sharing competition format. Utilizing Bitcoin SV’s exponential blockchain scaling power as the stable platform to build their apps and enterprise-grade solutions, contestants can compete independently or as a team. There is no other blockchain that can provide this level of creative competition. The sheer power of the mind combined with the power of the BSV blockchain provides limitless opportunity to create.

This year’s event kicked off in June with the first-round set to end on August 24 at 5pm (BST). The theme of the Hackathon is ‘peer-to-peer applications’ – not just payments, but any type of application that involves direct interaction between participants on the Bitcoin network. The event is the brainchild of Raylene Wilson, Technical Program Manager at Bitcoin Association. The first event back in 2019 was a 48-hour sprint and did not give much opportunity to take ideas from concept to design and to build more complete projects. The current event is more of a marathon covering 6+ weeks of potential for project completion.

“The hackathon is a great opportunity for newcomers as it provides an experience for them to learn and test their ideas while having access to the top experts in the industry. Where else are you going to get access to experts to answer your questions for such a long period of time?” said Raylene.

Bringing this competition together is no small feat and requires the resources of some powerful players in the blockchain space. Organized by the folks at Bitcoin Association, they partnered with the only obvious group that could run a competition of this level, the team at nChain whose Chief Scientist, the creator of Bitcoin, is Dr. Craig S. Wright. CoinGeek jumped onboard without hesitation as the key sponsor solidifying their ongoing relationships with these BSV giants. Other important sponsors include TAAL, Centbee, HandCash, Biittt, and Blockchain Domes.

This year the prize pool is a whopping $100,000USD. It will be awarded to the top three contestants who will be invited to present their projects live at the October 2021 CoinGeek Conference in New York City. The breakdown is as follows; 1st place $50,000, 2nd place $30,000, and 3rd place $20,000, all of which will be paid in BSV. In addition to actual prizes, the residual effect of contestants interacting with other individuals and groups within, it provides future opportunities to collaborate on other projects. There are no losers because the high level of exposure alone is a win. Several projects submitted from previous hackathons attracted collaborators and investors and received seed funding and built successful businesses, including TonicPow and UptimeSV.

You can find answers to your questions concerning this year’s event at the BSV Hackathon Q & A page.