Flying business class was once seen as one of the finest ways to fly, however with so many developments in the aviation industry over the last few years, it seems that business travel is no longer the ultimate in executive travel that it once was and flying private jet charter is putting business class firmly in the shade.

What is Private Jet Charter?

Chartering a private jet is now more popular, affordable and convenient than ever before. When it comes to organising business travel it makes much more sense to charter a private jet if several employees are travelling together, making the journey much more comfortable, luxurious and speedy for all. With companies like Vista Jet offering such a premium service for such a great price, it’s easy to see why business class doesn’t look so desirable anymore, here’s a few of the reasons why:

  • Convenience

Flying on a chartered private jet means waving goodbye to arriving at the airport several hours before, going through tedious security checks and then waiting in the departure lounge for your air craft’s slot on the runway. Flying on a private jet, meanwhile, allows you to skip through all the waiting and means that you get to experience complete privacy once on board.

  • Comfort

Although business class is much more spacious than in economy, the levels of comfort you can experience on a private jet bypass any standard plane’s offerings. From premium food and drink, high quality interiors and even the opportunity to lay down and catch up on some sleep, the whole service is a cut above anything on offer in business class, making it a much more desirable option for those long-haul flights especially.

  • Transport Links

Globally there are tons of private jet terminals which can offer much better transport links to major towns and cities than commercial airports. Flying by private jet can save you a huge amount of company time as you’ll be able to make better use of the time you’d usually spend waiting around inside the airport, save time on the flight time and then arrive at your destination much faster than ever before.

With all of these advantages to taking a private jet over flying business class, it makes sense to look into whether or not a chartering a private jet would be a better option for your business travel going forwards.