Looking to boost your offline sales? In the eCommerce and internet era, it’s easy to forget about sales which might be gained through other channels. However, while online shopping may have taken over in popularity, there’s still plenty of opportunity to earn additional income through offline sales. 

Here, you’ll discover how you can target consumers offline and some of the best strategies you can use.

Utilise offline marketing

If you want to boost your offline sales, it’s a good idea to focus on marketing offline as well as online. The only trouble with offline marketing, is that it doesn’t always provide you with timely feedback. Consumer trends tend to change at a fairly rapid pace, and it is vital businesses can keep up.

A solution to this is analytics software. It enables you to measure your offline sales and marketing techniques much quicker, while also providing useful insights. 

Track offline conversions 

If you use Google AdWords or Facebook, you can take advantage of their free offline conversion trackers. 

Google AdWords is able to provide information about in-store conversions which occurred through your online ads. It doesn’t require any back-end integration. Instead, it works by using the data from user visitor smartphones which have made credit card transactions.  

Facebook’s offline conversion tracker feature includes the “offline events” and Bluetooth Beacon. The offline events feature enables you to track foot traffic, sales or event attendance. It matches data from sales that occur offline through Facebook campaigns. The Bluetooth Beacon is a little trickier to use as it needs to have physical hardware installed within each store location. 

Don’t forget to track your calls

Another option available to improve offline sales is to track your calls. A lot of consumers find businesses online, then call them from their mobile. A phone call tracking service can identify your most successful marketing methods. Seeing which marketing campaigns attracted the most calls can help you see which is most effective to use. 

Monitor one channel at a time

When it comes to monitoring your offline sales, it’s better to focus on tracking just one channel at a time. For example, focusing on tracking data from one campaign or one social media channel, will help you to get a better idea of what’s working. When you’re trying to monitor more than one channel, you won’t be able to give each one the time they deserve. By perfecting your marketing techniques, you’re going to stand a much better chance of attracting more offline customers.

Offline sales are still important for retailers, even in today’s digital era. The above are just some of the ways you can improve offline sales and ensure you’re getting the best results.