Public speaking is the most common #1 phobia in today’s society, and at the same time, our abilities to strongly represent ourselves are becoming more and more of a priority. Whether we are job interviewing, pitching our startup, actively networking, or needing to lead a presentation in a boardroom or on a massive stage, confidence, clarity, and communication skills need to hit the mark. Whether you’re a complete beginner to public speaking and business presenting or looking to improve existing skills, we have the training course that will bring out the best in you or your staff.

Why choose this course?

Effective public speaking requires skilful application of knowledge from a number of areas, including psychology, cognitive sciences and communications.  Ginger’s public speaking courses use scientific findings from multiple disciplines, as opposed to pseudoscience. Our tutors have extensive experience of public speaking delivery and teaching; and have trained as barristers at the English Bar which strengthens the training with techniques that are well-known internationally for outstanding quality. Here Find out more about Ginger .

Any opportunity for public speaking is the perfect platform to shine, to tell the world who you are, to develop your personal brand. Few things can impact how you are perceived as quickly and as permanently as public speaking. How important is it for you to get that right?

Public Speaking Training Outcomes

Our public speaking training will enable you to:

  • Understand why we get anxious when public speaking and the stakes are high
  • Learn how to perform like a star
  • Learn to influence & persuade powerfully
  • Become a master of public speaking
  • Feel confident speaking in front of large audiences at key events
  • Understand stagecraft so the stage is your home, not an alien place
  • Use vocal tone, modulation & storytelling to captivate your audience
  • Use relaxation and visualisation techniques
  • Feel confident with relevant equipment
  • Be the best version of yourself when delivering a keynote speech
  • Deliver inspiring well constructed key messages
  • Learn how to rehearse and prepare for the big day

 What we have found with The Presentations Course is that public speaking fear is both common and easy to eliminate if you follow a simple step-by-step process. Public speaking fear (any fear for that matter) comes from situations or events where we attempt to deliver a presentation and we have what we perceive to be a failure. Much of the perception comes more from the way that we FEEL when we stand up to speak versus the way that we actually perform or the way that we look when we perform. But regardless, when we don’t do as well as what we think that we could have, the nervousness or fear of public speaking grows.

If you have a group of people who you’d like to train together, then a customized public speaking class is a great solution. Our certified instructors have over 30 presentation skills modules that you can choose from to create a custom or tailored solution specifically designed for your group. As a result, we have an almost unlimited number of presentations available. This type of tailor material is typically more welcomed by corporate groups. In addition, custom programs are more cost-effective. Custom classes work best for groups of five people to 12 people, but we have led on-site seminars for groups as large as 500 people.

Take a Public Speaking Academy course and we promise you will see real change in how you think, feel and speak as future presenters. Whether it’s an open course for your personal development, or looking to help your business team. We deliver professional and practical presentation training, with passion and energy. So you learn rapidly whilst having fun.