As coworking wakes up the United Kingdom’s young millennials and seasoned experts, both East and West London are seeing an increase in this workspace format that is making the unaffordable more affordable. Charging businesses an all-inclusive rate for renting workspace gives many a platform in locations that are typically expensive. In exchange for sharing space, though, businesses get a priceless platform for their business within the space.

However, it is easy to jump online and review more popular coworking websites to see a diverse office of young and up-and-comers working, some socialising, during the peak business hours. This creative, and sometimes independent, group of professionals do make a perfect picture, but not all coworking spaces are the same. To find your perfect space, there are a few factors prospective coworking professionals should make.

Continue reading to learn some of the factors you should consider when looking for a coworking space in the UK.

Space Profile

Every coworking space is different from each other, even though similar in their mission. Because the space is made up diverse professionals, the mix contributes to defining the character of the space. For example, in spaces occupied by people in creative industries, the vibe might be a little more relaxed with a very different approach to supporting businesses, and spaces that are occupied by entrepreneurs might have a more business-like approach to business. Take a look at Servcorp Coworking London at to see how this corporate profile affects the space.


When visiting the space, hang out in the area for a minute before meeting the space managers. If possible, spend time talking to other people in the space to get a sense of the atmosphere. Before leaving the space, see if you can get a trial run for an afternoon to see if the space is appropriate for your business. This will give you plenty of opportunity to not only see how the space is managed but to see also how professionals engage each other in the space.  Atmosphere is important when choosing a space because the atmosphere in the office can make networking more accessible when it aligns with the missions and goals of your business.

Comfort Factor And Functionality

While seemingly a small thing, the comfort factor and functionality of the space are important in determining whether or not to join a space. At the minimum, your space should contain a place for you to work, with a few options in the workspace, and place to collaborate since they are the two tasks that really define coworking. Add-ons can include a kitchenette or café that provides you with a place to eat during the work day and excellent Wi-Fi. While many offer a range of amenities, these are a few that can really colour the experience of coworking.

Community Focus

If your goal is to provide a foundation for building business relationships, then you want to choose space whose platform focuses on community development within the space. Coworking spaces that hold events throughout the month are trying to get professionals to engage with the community, and by doing so, network with others in the space. Furthermore, community focus can contribute to the type of camaraderie that naturally builds collaborative relationships.

Proximity To Resources

Finally, there is little point in belonging to a cool workspace that is some distance from the people and tools you need. When choosing space, make sure the space is accessible to clients and businesses you might use in the course of a day. While there are resources in the space itself, the tools you use for business should be in proximity.

Choosing The Perfect Space

The perfect space among many coworking spaces is based on your business’s needs. Coworking presents all businesses with an opportunity to maximise its flexible platform for building growth. Ultimately, the choice is yours.