Actor Adrian Grenier, most popular for his roles in HBO’s Entourage, 20th Century Fox’s The Devil Wears Prada and Netflix’s Clickbait, joined a panel discussion about how to achieve a green Bitcoin at the eighth CoinGeek Conference recently held at The Sheraton Hotel Times Square in New York City last October 5 to 7.

Grenier is also a United Nations Regional Goodwill Ambassador for North America who has worked for many years in environmental campaigns, such as Clean Seas. He is also a co-founder of the Lonely Whale Foundation, a non-profit organization seeking to create awareness and educate people about ocean and marine life conservation.

DuContra Ventures, of which Grenier is a co-founder and Chief Experience CEO, is an impact firm that values human enrichment, community formation, sustainable consumer goods and green financial tools and technology. He has also invested in Blueland, a company that offers household cleaning products devoid of plastic.

While many may view Grenier’s support of digital currencies as a mockery of his efforts at saving the environment, what his presence means at the CoinGeek Conference means he has found a green Bitcoin that he can confidently use—and that is BSV, what an MNP report has concluded as “most representative of Satoshi’s original intention for Bitcoin.”

“I’m afraid to say, ‘I’m no expert; early adopter, maybe.’ But I just feel lucky to be on this stage with such brilliant minds. These guys are innovating and creating. And I’m crypto-curious and I’m at the edge of my seat, waiting for the utilities to come about so that I can use them in my everyday life,” Grenier said.

Grenier is joined onstage by COO of TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Lars Jorgensen, Co-Founder and CEO of Compute North Dave Perrill, MNP Partner Hassan Quresh, nChain CTO and BSV Infrastructure Team Technical Director Steve Shadders, and President and Chair of Gray Wolf Analytics Inc. Dr. Dhirendra Shukla.

The panel discussion talks in depth about how to achieve a green Bitcoin, as well as how the BSV blockchain is making strides in making it happen. As the largest public blockchain that offers unlimited scaling that translates to big block sizes and an extremely high throughput that will surpass the VISA network’s capacity at transaction fees of fractions of a cent, the BSV blockchain provides greater utility and benefit to the world as compared to its energy consumption.

“I think people that want to dismiss crypto as being unsustainable don’t fully understand the complexity of the opportunity that crypto has for society across the board. It’s not just about mining efficiency, it’s also about how it’s going to improve every industry,” Grenier pointed out.

“There are actually huge benefits to using Bitcoin, and that’s what justifies the energy cost. No one argues that we shouldn’t burn energy to run a hospital because it’s obvious what the benefit of that is and it’s obvious what would happen if you try to run a hospital without energy input. Bitcoin provides utility in ways that we haven’t even imagined just yet,” Shadders added.

Given the game-changing faculties of the BSV blockchain, where it can be used as technological plumbing that would essentially enable businesses, organizations and governments to do more, creating awareness and educating people about it is key to its global adoption. Because the status today is much like the early days of the Internet. “It was weird; it was esoteric; it was hard to use; it was challenging. A lot of people ask you questions, and no one knew what an email address was. But what happened very quickly is the innovation, the adoption, all those things were occurring. If you look at this industry, this ecosystem, it’s exactly what’s happening,” Perrill revealed.