It has always been the case that you have to study the form guide before you bet on a horse. You need to do your research and know how they have performed in the last ten races.

Many people have made a lot of money by knowing all the information, but they also have one thing in common. They might know all of the information, but they really do not want to share it with everyone else. It is such a valued commodity that they try as hard as possible to keep it to themselves.

We have all heard about the tipsters who manage to know which horses are going to win and which favourites are likely to fluff their lines. These tipsters have been around the industry for ages and know each and every horse, just by the look of their gait, let alone on their name.

Unfortunately for everyone else in the world, we do not have their encyclopedic knowledge. We don’t remember where every horse in the world last ran, or who has sired who. We have other routine things to do with our days and regular jobs to fill the working hours.

Us regular people have to use everything else at our disposal to find our little advantages like William Hill live video streaming. We might not know the history of the horses, but we know exactly what we are seeing right before our eyes. We can watch a horse race and we can see which horses are looking healthy and fast, we can also see which horses are looking slow and tired.

Just like betting on any sports competitions in live streaming play, watching the racing whilst betting is our way of taking the advantage back from the tipsters and the bookies.

When a horse takes a lead into the first fence, we can have a decent look at whether we believe they can keep the lead or even extend it.

It is all about being able to read the race as it goes on, live, right in front of our eyes. When a horse is falling back through the pack, do we think it is because it just wants a slight breather from heading up the race or is it because the horse is cooked and has actually already run its race?

Watching the start of a race without a bet to lose in the initial melee, relieves a bit of the tension and lets you enjoy the race. Sitting and watching the first few furlongs before deciding which horse to be on, is one of the least stressful ways to actually bet on a horse.

For too many years, the balance of power in the betting world has been held with the tipsters and the number crunchers. They use to hold all of the cards and they clearly knew when to play each of them.

Not anymore though, we now have the power to watch the start of any race, match or game and then choose which team to back for the win.

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