Graduation is an exciting albeit daunting time. You’ve spent the majority of your life in education, and now, it’s time to enter the world of work.  It’s time to embark on your career. If you happen to be chasing a career in the beauty industry, there are several ways you’re able to give your career the best possible start.

Constantly build your portfolio

Whenever you’re delivering a beauty treatment, whether it be a makeover, a massage, a manicure or highlights, take a photograph; keep a camera with you at all times. Make sure you take pictures of every new style, colour, cut, weave and anything else you wish to brand yourself with. This will allow you to create a mobile cosmetology portfolio on your phone or tablet.

You can add this portfolio to your dedicated website and social media channels. These photographs of your best work will not only make your capabilities and ideas known to clients but also allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you notice a pattern of errors within the photographs, you can work on bettering yourself. Similarly, you can recognise your strong areas and build on these to develop a profitable niche.

 Social media 

 Once you have a decent-sized cosmetology portfolio, it’s time to home in on your social media strategy. The likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are fantastic channels for networking with fellow individuals in the beauty industry as well as future clients. Establishing a presence on a viable social media platform should be high on your list of priorities, and you should look to begin networking soon after graduation.

Don’t just use social media to target clients. You ought to also target PR professionals, business owners, brands and salon owners – all of these can assist you with your growth in the beauty industry.

 Volunteer your services 

There is no better way to demonstrate your passion for your career – or your talents, for that matter – than volunteering your services. This is a highly strategic way of revealing your talents to the industry, whether it be nail artistry, makeup artistry, hairdressing or even massaging.

However, before you consider volunteering your services or begin work in a salon, taking out beauty salon insurance is imperative. This will protect you in the event that something going wrong; as relaxing as beauty treatments might be, if a client is unhappy with your work, or their body reacts badly to a treatment, you could find all of your hard work in danger of going to waste. Thankfully, such insurance can financially protect you and your company.

Stay in touch

Listen to your customers from the off. Continuously ask for customer feedback, as doing this will only help you to develop. It’s also worth surveying the activity of your competitors, as this will help you keep in touch with the current goings-on of the industry. If you’re up to date on these, this will help to ensure that you can deliver the treatments and services sought by clients.