Whether you’re shipping out orders for your small business, or want to send gifts to family and friends, there are loads of competitively priced services for sending small or medium sized parcels. However, for larger and bulkier items, you may be worried about huge delivery costs, restrictions on what can be sent abroad, or else, how to properly package and avoid damage.

If you need to send a large item, here are some things to consider making sure your parcel arrives safely and on time.

Double Check Weight and Size

When shipping a large item, be careful to double check the weight and measurements. If your item is found to be too big or weigh too much, you could be sent a bill for extra costs and charges, or even worse, face your item being returned. While this is disappointing if sending a birthday gift, if you’re shipping to a customer, it could have disastrous consequences for the reputation of your business.

Always Package Properly

The last thing you want is for your item or order to arrive damaged, so make sure to spend a little extra time, effort and money on wrapping and packaging. While this can seem tedious, it will help avoid items being returned, having to send a replacement due to damage during transit, or your business receiving negative feedback.

Make Sure You Can Track

Making sure your service has online tracking is always a great idea, as it puts yours and your customers’ minds at ease. This is especially true when shipping a large parcel for the first time, as by choosing a tracked service, you can track progress. Plus, if any problems should arrive, you can quickly identify and correct them.

Ask Your Courier About Restrictions

Every courier service is different, so don’t assume that all are able to offer the same services. For example, InXpress offer specialised services to ship large and heavy items, but not courier services do. Different couriers and services have restrictions on the size and weight of a parcel, so before booking, always speak to the courier first.

Regulations and Licenses

If you’re shipping a large item overseas for the first time, then it’s essential that you research international regulations and licenses. For certain items, you may need a permit or certificate, or depending on the country, importing specific items may be restricted. Also, don’t forget to correctly fill out the customs documents and declaration, including the accurate weight of the parcel.