If you say the names Cambridge or Oxford to anyone in the world, they will know the names. They will conjure up images of spires in the sky lines and university students walking around the towns in their graduation gowns.

It is both an honour and a privilege to have such an iconic image associated with the cities. They have world renown facilities and reputations beyond compare.

Any CV or Resume with the name of Oxford or Cambridge on it, will immediately catch the eye and be put into the pile for interview. It might not be totally fair to all the other universities, but it is true. They have earned their recognition across the world.

It used to be that there were just two top universities in England. These two held all the glory and attention, until in the last twenty years, where there has been a new breed emerging into the world’s attention.

Loughborough University is the UK’s leading sports university, claiming twelve Olympic medals at Rio in 2016, including five gold medals. IF you want to excel at a sport, then the Loughborough Centre for Excellence is the place you want to be heading. Their business school is always at the top of the UK rankings and is finding its way into the world top ten.

London School of Economics and Political Science, or LSE for short, has a reputation which speaks for itself. The mere fact that the university can attract students from over one hundred and sixty different countries, will highlight the appeal that this institution has across the globe. An LSE degree is highly sort after in the financial sector and companies often regard these as the highest you could obtain.

London’s second highest ranked university is Imperial College London. Whilst this might not sound like a long-standing university, they were responsible for the discovery of penicillin and for break throughs in the world of fibre optics. Don’t let a name put you off. They were ranked as the fifth best university in England and have specialist departments focusing on climate change and the environment.

When you can see the gravitas that is placed upon having a university degree from the UK, you can understand why so many students choose to travel to England to study. To help accommodate these students, the UK has a special Student Visa, which is designed for any student who has a confirmed acceptance notice from a recognised institution.

The visa application process can be confusing and challenging if you are not aware fo the way the English systems work. IT would be worth finding an Immigration Lawyer in London to help guide you through the process and ensure that your application is successful on the first time and that you are not worried and stressed about getting your visa back in time.

Studying in the UK could be the biggest step you ever took to securing a bright and prosperous future in whichever field you want to work.