The technology we have at our disposal in the modern day world is often taken for granted. We don’t think twice about using our mobile phones to video call a family member or use a smartwatch to track how many steps we have completed on a daily basis. One thing that is for sure, is that as the years go by, technology will continue to develop and revolutionise how we live our lives.

One industry which isn’t often spoken about when it comes to up and coming technology, is the beauty industry. Most people see using beauty products as a straightforward process which simply involves applying a form of makeup with an object such as a brush; but could this be set to change? It’s inevitable that beauty brands will want to incorporate technology into their products to put them at the forefront of the industry, but how can they do this?

To give us a glimpse into how technology may evolve the future of beauty products, branding agency, 1HQ have created a lipstick which could replace the current product. From the importance of sustainability to colour-changing technology, here are some of the appealing factors of this revolutionary product.


Brands are constantly being urged to rethink how they manufacture their products, as sustainability is now a hot topic. With this in mind, the lipstick won’t need to be discarded once it has run out, as autonomous filling stations will be located in beauty stores and other similar locations. Modern day lipsticks also have the ability to dry out after a number of uses, so 1HQ have combatted this via the use of inkjet printing, which means each application is of a high quality.

Smart application

Using lipstick can often be frustrating as users struggle to achieve the look they desire, but this will become a lot easier with this lipstick of the future. Through the use of built-in software, the lipstick will be able to match specific colours to the tones of your skin, meaning users will be able to create a more professional appearance. Once your face has been scanned in a beauty store, your Biometric data will be saved onto the lipstick, meaning all you’ll have to do is simply apply the product for a fuller and more appealing look.

Colour-changing technology

1HQ’s lipstick uses inkjet technology to create a product which can change colour based on the users requirements. By using small nozzles and proximity sensors, the colour of the lipstick will change depending on the colour tone and contour of the users skin. The lipstick will also contain built-in software which will allow the user to save their colour tones for future use, meaning they can be paired with an outfit etc.

It’s exciting to see how technology may impact the beauty industry and 1HQ’s lipstick gives us a great insight into the minds of beauty brands. We want to hear your thoughts on the topic. Join in the conversation on social, using #ProductPredicitions.