Safety needs to be a priority when it comes to business and even a typical office-based business can be somewhere that is filled with hazards. Many workplace accidents and injuries occur each year and both the business and employees will want to do all that they can to avoid these. So, how can safety in the workplace be achieved?

As Employee

Stay Alert

As an employee, one of the most important ways to promote safety is simply to pay attention to your surroundings. When you have been working a job for a long-time, it can sometimes be easy to go into autopilot but this can be incredibly dangerous particularly in hazardous environments. You need to stay alert at all times, know what the dangers are and know how to prevent an injury/accident.

Take Breaks

Leading on from this, you also need to make sure that you are taking regular breaks throughout the day. Breaks are important not only in terms of recharging your batteries, but also to prevent overdoing it and so that you can get up, stretch and walk around.

Keep Your Area Clean & Organised

Most accidents in the workplace happen as a result of slips and trips and this often is a result of untidy work areas or spills on the floor. This is why you must make sure that you keep your work area neat, clean and organised at all times – this will protect both yourself and other staff, so it is certainly important.

As a Business


Accidents and injuries often occur from faulty equipment, which is why you need to ensure that all machinery and equipment is maintained on a regular basis and that staff are trained in how to use each item safely.

Appoint a Health & Safety Officer

Health and safety needs to be an ongoing process and this is much easier when you have an appointed health and safety officer that is trained to manage health and safety requirements.

Manage Risk

Regular risk assessments should be carried out so that you can identify risks in the workplace and then either take steps to eliminate or reduce these risks. Additionally, if you seek legal advice from a solicitor but do not receive the required level of service, you might want to look into a professional negligence solicitors claims particularly if it has a negative impact on your business.

Safety needs to be a priority in any workplace and both employers and employees need to take responsibility to protect everyone.