Digital marketing is a modern-day industry that has grown since 1998 with the invention of the popular search engine Google. Nowadays, there are thousands upon thousands of digital marketing agencies all claiming to successfully be capable of driving up their clients’ engagement online to help them increase their customer base and achieve their objectives as businesses.

The importance of digital marketing and on-page and off-page SEO increased for businesses during the pandemic, where consumers increasingly bought goods and services from online retailers. Here we have come up with some advice for business owners on growing and expanding a small digital marketing agency business in 2022.

Choose a Niche Market to Focus On

Try and ensure your small digital marketing agency becomes an expert and find a niche market you can focus on. For example, specialising in providing digital marketing for car brands. Allowing your agency to become an expert in a niche industry will enable you to stand out from other digital marketing agencies.

Train Your Staff Members Properly

When looking to expand a small digital marketing agency, it’s essential to provide your employees with excellent training. Well-trained staff representing your brand will provide your customers with a high-quality level of service and boost your agency’s reputation. In addition, it will mean your agency manages to retain staff and keep staff turnover low, which is beneficial as overly high-staff turnover can be disruptive for your business.

Go on a Recruitment Drive

A strategic recruitment drive where you look for talented people equipped with the relevant professional specialities will help you grow your digital marketing agency. The aim of a recruitment drive for any growing business must be to reduce overall costs, increase profits, and improve the client experience. For example, you may decide to recruit an SEO expert that you think has the necessary skills to make your clients enjoy higher search engine rankings for their businesses.

Learn from Your Competitors’ Mistakes and Triumphs

Another way to successfully grow a small digital marketing agency is by researching your competitors thoroughly and learning from their mistakes and successes as businesses. Has a rival digital marketing agency firm made an error you can learn from, and you want to avoid your business making the same error at all costs? Remember, the margins between success and failure in business can be minuscule.

Be Flexible with Staff Working Arrangements

Digital marketing agencies in 2022 can lean towards having staff working remotely at home, make staff attend a work office in-person, or combine the two. Many agencies in the UK and across the globe got positive results and made profits as businesses during the pandemic with staff working at home due to lockdown restrictions. There are benefits for small businesses to having staff work remotely, such as higher-productivity levels, greater flexibility, and providing employees with a better work-life balance. Small agencies can also draw from a bigger talent pool by recruiting remote working third parties and freelancers from across the globe instead of just from the local area.

However, there are equally many benefits to offering employees the opportunity to work in the office. An office environment can help build a feeling of team morale and hopefully create a positive company culture. It is a good idea for small expanding digital marketing agencies to be flexible with working arrangements. Offer a well-furnished, welcoming office where some employees can work and have other employees working remotely from home. If you’re interested in getting an impressive, comfortable office space in Scotland for your digital marketing agency, visit This business, like many others provide small companies the opportunity to rent one of their quality offices in the heart of the city of Glasgow.

Create Relationships with New Clients

Agencies looking to expand should always be looking out for ways they can find new clients. More clients will mean more work and higher profits. Healthy and prospering digital marketing agencies will have a broad range of clients.

Carry Out Testing to Improve Your Marketing

Any expanding business needs to carry out product testing; think of how you can improve the quality of what you’re offering customers? Perhaps this may involve testing your SEO software tools and looking into how you can improve your keyword search analysis. Carrying out the testing ensures you can find what works best for your company.

Boost Your Agency’s Online Presence

Make the most of social media platforms, email marketing, and creating a well-designed company website to advertise your agency’s work and boost your online presence.  Having a considerable online presence will increase your agency’s brand visibility, and more people will see your work and recognise your company.

Create Trust in Your Brand Amongst Clients

For clients to return and use your digital marketing services again in the future, they need to trust in the quality of your agency’s work. Your agency will not achieve a good reputation in the industry if it fails to deliver results for clients who are after quality, effective digital marketing for their business. Growing a small digital marketing in today’s internet age is not an easy task. Ask yourself why clients should choose to go with the services of your agency over your competitors? Work hard, employ excellent, skilful staff, and do lots of market research to keep you ahead of the game and expand your digital marketing agency.