The current health pandemic across the world has resorted in many countries going into lockdown. Coronavirus is one of the worst pandemics over recent decades and is having devastating effects across Europe and further afield.

UK government guidelines now prevent people from leaving the home, unless it’s to shop for essentials, go to work where necessary and for one short period of exercise each day. It’s obvious that staying indoors will minimise your risk of contracting the virus; but the chances are, you’ll have to leave the house at some point.

Although many supermarkets offer an online delivery service, it’s understandable that these are now busier than ever. The consequences of this mean that more and more people will have to leave the house to stock up on daily essentials such as food and toiletries. Leaving the house and coming into close contact with other members of the public, could put you at serious risk.

Whether you’re outdoors or even in the comfort of your own home, during this period of lockdown it’s essential that you keep any risks to a minimum and don’t expose yourself to any unnecessary danger. In some ways, it’s like creating a risk management plan for yourself, before you even leave your home.

To protect you, your health and that of those around you as much as possible during this uncertain time; here are few ways to keep risks to a minimum.

Is it necessary to leave the house?

It’s a question we should all be asking ourselves over the coming weeks, especially if we’re to follow government advice. If you need to leave the house to do some shopping, then make sure you’re only going for the essentials. Check before you leave and see if you could potentially use items you already have in and if not, visit the shop earlier in the morning or late at night to avoid busier periods.

Wash and sanitise your hands on a regular basis

We’ve all seen the advice about regularly washing your hands for 20 seconds at a time and then using sanitiser, as this is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the virus. It’s important that you continue this advice even when you’re indoors and have no intention of going out. Germs can live on surfaces for a long period of time, which means if you aren’t washing your hands correctly, you could be at risk from when you left the home a number of days ago.

Avoid seeing anyone outside of your household

As hard as it’s going to be, it’s important not to come into contact with any family or friends whilst the country is in lockdown. If you were to ignore this advice, then you’re potentially putting yourself and those you’re visiting at serious risk. It’s inevitable that this is going to be a tough ask, but it’s important to remember; the quicker the nation complies, the sooner everyday life can continue.

It’s vital that everyone does their bit to help tackle the spread of coronavirus. By following government advice and minimising any risks to yourself and those around you, not only as a country but as a world collective, we can beat this pandemic.