It certainly has been a turbulent time for businesses over the last couple of years, but we are all looking ahead to 2022 with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose. If your business is expanding its team in the new year, then you are at a very exciting point in your company’s growth. But hiring can be a stressful process, and there are plenty of pitfalls that you need to avoid. There are a lot of businesses out there advertising vacancies, so here are a few tips to help you find the best people and keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Know What You Are Looking For

Sometimes when you are recruiting it is very obvious which role or specific duties you need a new employee for. But when you realise that you need another pair of hands to help your business grow, it can sometimes be tricky to narrow down exactly what you need.

If you have found yourself in the latter situation, then it’s time to take a step back with the senior members of your team to define exactly what role the new person will be taking on. Remember that there are a lot of job seekers out there and that if you are not crystal clear on your job listing, you will be swamped with applications from people trying their luck. Be specific where you can, and you will find things easier.

Use A Good Recruitment Agency

When you advertise for a role, it can feel like you are casting your line into an ocean with nothing but the hope that the right people will find your notice and apply. There are so many job sites out there now, and so many people hungry for work, that any steps you can take to make sure that the ideal candidates are seeing your posting are immensely valuable.

For example, if you need someone to work in your office, you don’t want someone on the other side of the country getting through to the interview process only to announce that they want to work remotely. A good recruitment agency will use a personal touch to understand your needs and find you the perfect candidates. For example, Perfect Team is a Watford recruitment agency that has been helping companies with hand-picked candidates since 2000 and they offer a 100-day guarantee.

Be Flexible When It Comes To Interviews

It is crucial to be concise and clear in your job posting, but once you have narrowed down your field of applicants to people you want to invite to interview, you should be more flexible. Many people are still unable or unwilling to travel long distances for interview and they may still be juggling personal commitments, so think about offering video interviews for your candidates. If you are interviewing candidates in person, be mindful of how they may feel about physical interactions such as a handshake. Offer a range of dates and times if you can and remember that your applicants may well be dealing with a range of stress factors in their personal lives. If your candidates continue to be tricky even with all that flexibility, that may tell you a little about what they will be like to work with.