Happy employees will work harder and with more dedication than unhappy employees – this statement is obvious. What isn’t obvious is how employers can achieve employee happiness. Perks, bonuses, free tea and coffee, days out and other incentives are great for motivating employees, but if you don’t get the basics right, they could all be in vein.

Office furniture can have a big impact in how your employees perceive you as a business and as an employer, as well as affecting their day to day job enjoyment. An employer who invests in ergonomic furniture and promotes good health and wellbeing in the workplace shows that they care about their team and can make staff feel valued which in turn will make them work harder for you. Here are some of the best office furniture products to invest in to show you value your team:

  • Ergonomic Desk Chairs

Investing in a good, ergonomic desk chair for your team is a sure-fire way to show you value them. Ergonomics make chairs more comfortable and practical on a day to day basis, but also help to protect your team from potential long-term health risks.

  • Break out furniture

Providing somewhere to relax and unwind during breaks is a great way to show you value your team, and improve their productivity. Instead of everyone going out separately, by creating a space for them all to engage will have the added bonus of bringing the team together which promotes morale.

  • Sit/stand desks

Sit stand desks are the future of office-based work. A simple mechanism allows individuals to move their desk from a seated or standing position without any fuss. Standing up could give them a boost in the afternoon and can also help stave off any long-term effects of prolonged sitting.

Whatever perks you offer your staff, getting the fundamentals right will always been the bread and butter on which you build your employee’s job satisfaction.