Employment and the lack of it has been in the news a lot over the last 12 months. With millions of workers finally back at work and off the government’s furlough scheme and others starting businesses, the UK is hoping for an employment boom in the months to come.

Mental health has also been a big topic over the last year. Lockdown has exacerbated a very real problem for millions of people across the country. Being out of or off from work has added to the ongoing mental health epidemic.

Work can improve mental health though. As the country opens again and employees return to work, we are looking at how employment can positively impact people’s mental health from building confidence to a sense of community.


Having a reason to get up and go in the morning helps to focus your mind and gives you a sense of purpose. Purpose can help people overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety.

Employment can keep your mind on something else that makes a difference to you and others. Helping you to overcome your anxiety.


Feeling safe can positively impact your mental health. When we feel protected and safe, we are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. Safety at work makes us feel secure and supported and can help us understand that help is not far away.

Employers who offer their employees the relevant safety equipment such as safety glasses or clothing can positively impact the mental health of their workers in simple ways.


Having a job, learning new skills and being able to do it well boosts people’s confidence, which in turn has a positive impact on their overall mental health. Having faith in our abilities and knowing we can achieve what we set out to do is a great boon for our mental health.


Having and income and the social status and mobility that comes with it has been proven to benefit people’s self-esteem and boost their mental health. Earning money and being employed adds to a person’s sense of agency and helps them to feel good about who they are.

The simple impact of being employed on self-esteem can have a positive ripple effect throughout a person’s life.


Loneliness is one of the biggest reasons that mental health can decline. Research has shown that the greater someone’s social connections are, the longer they may live. Work supports and builds a sense of community and help dissipate feelings of loneliness.