No matter what industry you’re in, paying close attention to the productivity of your employees is a must. The more work gets done, the better the entire firm will do. There are many things that have an effect on your employees’ productivity level and your office design sure is one of them. Just a few design upgrades here and there can make it much easier for your team members to focus on the task at hand and be more efficient. With that said, let’s take a look at five office design upgrades you can make and take your operations to a new level.

Maximize lighting

Lighting is an important part of staying productive. Most jobs involve dealing with documents and trying to read with low light causes eye strain. To make sure this doesn’t become an issue for your employees, maximizing the natural light they’re working with is a good idea. Don’t worry about the windows being a distraction as studies have shown that a view to the street actually helps people stay energized and motivated. If you’re not in control over the natural light in the office, LED bulbs will help make a difference in your employees’ daily energy reserves.

Bring in potted plants

Bringing plants into the office is something everyone in your firm will appreciate. Potted plants can help you keep the air inside the office fresh, which is a guaranteed way to boost your employees’ productivity. Not to mention that plants are a great tool to use when fighting noise pollution. Offices on a busy street can become much easier to work in when there are plant blocking all the noise. Some of the most popular office plant options include cactus, bamboo palm, and snake plant.

Get a smart board

Smart boards are gaining a lot of attention in Australia lately and it looks like they will become even more popular over time. You can turn to a reliable Sydney electrician and have them install you a smart board, as it’ll significantly increase your office productivity. These things are absolutely perfect for giving presentations and making sure your team works like a well-oiled machine. Moreover, it helps you bring your office into the 21st century and put a smile on your employees’ faces.

Eliminate clutter

Getting rid of clutter in your office is one of the biggest office design upgrades you can make. Clutter is known to cause stress and makes it difficult for employees to focus. On top of that, just imagine how much time it takes to find that one specific document in a cluttered office. Remove things you no longer need and you’ll see your employees being more effective. You can choose to either sell, donate or throw away all that stuff that has piled up in your office over the years.

Hang motivational posters

Take a look at a few modern offices and chances are you’ll see their walls adorned with eye-catching motivational posters. These things are designed specifically to help employees stay productive, so why not hang a few of them in your office? Art is motivational in itself and most posters you can find include well-designed graphics your employees will love. In case you’re not convinced yet, just think about this – a recent study showed that 82 percent of employees believe art is an important part of the work environment.

Final thoughts

Even though employees are all motivated differently, there are some surefire ways to help them get more work done. Try each of these five upgrades and there’s no doubt you’ll see your employees as well as your business doing much better.