Finding new ways to make your company premises as effective, efficient, and economical is always an exciting prospect. With the advancement in technologies and materials creating an ever-changing workplace environment, it could now be the time to update some of your older features and start to pave the way towards a new and improved work environment. One feature that you could look into updating and improving could be the doors that your company premises are currently operating with – there are many different options available, with each having an impact on the overall functionality of your spaces. Here are a few of the different types of industrial doors that can be used to enhance the practicality of your workspaces:

1) High Speed Industrial Doors

If wasted time is something that seems to be costing your business daily, high speed industrial doors can be a hugely influential addition to your designs. These doors are designed simply with fast opening and closing actions that reduce waiting times to transport goods and also allow personnel to move around the building with greater ease. On top of this, the quick closing also minimises temperature loss, meaning a constant heat level can be maintained without a heavy dependence on heating – this could potentially mean you can save on energy costs, but will also contribute towards creating a comfortable working conditions. With options opening either horizontally or vertically, these doors can be adapted to work in almost any environment. 

2) Rolling Shutters & Rolling Grilles

For simplicity and functionality, few doors are a better fit than rolling shutters and rolling grilles. Thanks to a durable build, you’ll find these doors proving their worth daily – they have a long-lasting mechanism that is sure to serve your company effectively for years to come. The doors roll up above the opening and require very little headroom (max 335mm) to be stored; this allows you to maximise the space that you have available, which is particularly useful in confined spaces where every inch matters. These doors are a very economical option for any space, requiring less energy to offer effective and secure functionality each day.

3) Strip Curtains

A versatile and effective solution in high-traffic areas, strip curtains are another fantastic way to minimise heat loss whilst providing accessible entry and exit routes. The curtains are crafted from a durable UPVC material that is designed to withstand the tests of heavy daily usage even in hostile temperatures up to -55 °C, providing a reliable, long-lasting solution to your premises. These industrial door features are transparent, which is great for allowing light to pass through rather than blocking it out – this creates a more visible pathway throughout your space so that you can safely manoeuvre goods across the building. 

A clip-in system ensures these curtains are incredibly easy to install, with no tools required – you simply attach the curtains to the aluminium profile rail and they’re ready to operate. An additional bonus to this is that damaged strips can be removed and replaced quickly without any issues. Furthermore, these strip curtains are a very cost-effective choice, offering useful heat retention and simple passage without the need for extensive foundation work or time-consuming installations. 

It’s likely that you’ll use a combination of each of these different types of door throughout your company premises, which allows you to have versatile solutions across your workspaces to ensure that your premises are as secure, practical, and efficient as they can be. From your external doors to your wicket doors, each entrance and exit needs to be thought of and planned to be as functional as it can be if you’re looking to create the perfect work environment.