While a base interest rate of 0.1% may seem like a necessary evil in the wake of the coronavirus and its socio-economic impact, this is having a negative impact on savers and causing many to lose trust in the national banks.

But could this offer an opportunity for younger savers in the UK to identify more viable and lucrative investment options? This certainly offers the potential for an increased rate of savings and returns over time, which can make all the difference in a strained and uncertain economic climate.

But why is it good to invest from a young age, and what are the best asset classes for aspiring investors to target in the UK? Let’s find out.

Why Should Investors Look to Start from a Young Age?

There’s some strong and obvious logic for investing at a young age, with the concept of compounding offering a particularly compelling argument.

This refers to the process of continuously reinvesting capital in order to grow your underlying rate of return, which allows for the quicker accumulation of wealth when invested over extended periods of time.

Arguably, launching your portfolio at an earlier age also enables you to seek out more reliable investment options, which pay modest but secure dividends that can be scaled consistently into the future.

This type of proactive investment approach can also increase your chances of achieving financial security in the future, and hopefully at a much earlier age.

What are the Best Assets for Young Investors to Target?

OK, we hear you ask, but investment options are the most suited to younger investors? Here are some of the standout options:

  • Forex Trading

While forex trading may seem like a slightly risky and volatile option, it’s margin-based nature makes it possible to pursue significant gains with a relatively small deposit.

This depends on the precise amount of leverage offered by your chosen broker, of course, but the forex market is definitely more accessible than other comparative outlets.

In the modern and tech-led forex market, it has also never been easier to access currency pairings and trade these on a part-time basis.

Similarly, there’s now an abundance of online trading resources and video tutorials available to novice investors, so there has arguably never been a better time to get started in this market and build viable returns.

  • Stocks and Shares

While company shares may be a little more inaccessible to traders, it is possible to either speculate on the price of target stocks or invest directly to assume ownership and create a more secure store of wealth.

This provides some much needed flexibility to young and inexperienced investors, who can also benefit from the wide range of books and courses that have been published on this subject.

  • Property and Real Estate

The average price of a detached home in the UK increased to £486,595 in December of last year, with this indicative of just how hard it is to get a foot on the property ladder in the modern age.

However, this can represent a secure, long-term investment for youngsters, particularly those that have the disposable income to fund a generous deposit or can rely on help from family members.

Not only does a house provide a long-term and secure source of wealth, but this can also be leveraged to create a stream of regular monthly income through rentals.