Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a part of search engine marketing (SEM). It is used alongside search engine optimisation (SEO) to target an audience using search engines. This could be through helping people find answers to their questions, providing general information, or linking to products that people are looking to buy.

With PPC advertising, you will only pay as an advertiser when the ad is clicked on. This model of advertising has evolved over the years, and PPC campaigns today use a range of different pricing models including CPM, which is when the advertiser pays per one thousand impressions, or CPA, which is when the advertiser only pays when a click on the ad leads to a conversion.

So, how could PPC advertising benefit your business?

It’s a Cost-Effective Method

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding PPC is regarding the cost. Many people mistakenly believe that PPC is not cost-effective and that puts them off using it. However, while it’s true that if you’re not careful with how you spend on PPC, you could end up draining your budget with no real results, those who use PPC advertising carefully and follow some simple rules have a big chance of making money with it.

Starting small and using ways to lower your cost per click will help you achieve more with a lower budget. If you are new to PPC, it’s a good idea to work with an experienced professional or agency. Caffeine Marketing is an award-winning marketing agency that can help you get the most from your new PPC campaigns. If you’re looking for a marketing agency Cheltenham, London or Cardiff, they should be able to help you. Check out what they do at

Test a New Product

If you’re just starting out, have a great website and products that are ready to ship, the one problem that many business owners in this situation face is that they don’t know if their products are going to sell or if their website will convert. One of the fastest ways to test it out is through using PPC advertising. By running a campaign on Google AdWords, you can measure the results of your targeted visits and collect data that allows you to better determine how well your website and products are likely to do.

Get Targeted Visitors Fast

Those who run an online business know that targeted traffic is essential. And while SEO is the best way to achieve this, it takes a lot of time for it to work – making PPC the next best alternative. Google Ads allows you to choose which keywords to display your ads for, and Facebook Ads allows you to define your target audience based on their demographic factors. This allows you to target the right people and make sure that your ideal target audience is getting the information that they need about your brand.

PPC advertising is one of the best ways for any online business to increase click-through, boost conversions, and make sure that advertisements are targeted to the right audience. With this in mind, it’s a strategy that can work for any business when done well.