While we’re currently in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there are many entrepreneurs behind the scenes who are finalising their business plans and getting ready to launch their own startup. Although the future may be uncertain, restrictions are beginning to lift on what consumers can and cannot do, meaning if you plan to open a business premises, normal operation may resume sooner than you think.

If you’re gearing up to launch your startup and plan to employ others, you need to do what you can to keep your team safe and protected from contracting the coronavirus. If you’re opening a physical store, customer safety and wellbeing should be your top concern. So, here is a guide on preventive measures you can take.

Maintain Social Distancing

Whether you plan to open an office, restaurant, or retail store, maintaining social distancing in a must during the COVID-19 outbreak. Staff and customers must maintain at least a six-foot distance from one another. For everyone to adhere to the regulations, you will need to reduce your premises capacity, otherwise you run the risk of too much foot traffic which can increase the chances of catching and transmitting COVID-19.

Install Hand Sanitiser Stations

If you have a physical location for your business, you must install hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and exit points. Hand sanitiser stations will remind customers and staff to wash their hands and protect each other from the virus. If you aren’t sure where to source these, Discount Displays come highly recommended. They sell hand sanitiser stations for your business, as well as sneeze guards, queue barriers and social distancing banners.

Wear Face Coverings

No matter who enters your business premises, they are required by law to wear a face mask (unless they have a proven health condition). Although face coverings may seem like a hassle, they are crucial for reducing the COVID-19 transmission rate. If you’re about to launch your startup, you must make sure you have an adequate supply of face coverings that you can give to your staff and customers if they need them before entering your store.

Know the COVID-19 Symptoms

Keeping up to date with the common COVID-19 symptoms will mean you know what to look out for should a team member or customer fall ill. The warning signs of COVID-19 include a continuous cough and a high temperature. Should an employee experience any of those listed, they must be sent home immediately to self-isolate. If you fail to do so, they may test positive for the virus and infect other staff members and customers which will result in you having to close your business for the foreseeable. For your startup to be a success, your team and customers’ health need to be put above anything else. As we enter a post COVID-19 world, there will still be restrictions we must adhere to, which is why you should use the practices above to keep everyone safe.