Do you remember your science classes at school, where you dissected insects and viewed them in detail under a microscope? They were fun times, and educational too. Microscopes are very important scientific instruments, and come in many forms, and enable us to view miniature items – often barely visible to the naked eye – in fine detail. Without microscopes, we would know a lot less about life than we do. The traditional microscope is still prevalent, but there are more modern versions you can use today.

Did you know that the microscope was invented as long ago as the early 1600’s, and remains very much in the same vein today as it was then? It uses a series of magnifying lenses to view the object concerned, and focuses by moving in and out to get the best results. However, there is a newer, more usable and impressive type of microscope that is cheaper to buy and much more convenient: allow us to introduce to you the USB microscope, a truly wonderful little gadget that will not only bring you hours of fun, but will educate you and your family as you view tiny objects in fabulous detail.

About USB Microscopes

So, what’s all the fuss about USB microscopes? Let’s start with how they work. Your laptop or PC has one or more USB ports; you probably use them to transfer data or pictures from your phone or tablet to your laptop, or to charge your phone. A USB microscope plugs into one of these ports, and here’s the best bit: you view the images not through an eye-piece, but on your computer screen, and it is a very high definition image. With some USB microscopes, you can use a Micro USB port – like the one on your tablet or smartphone – giving you added versatility, so you can use it anywhere you may be.

In fact, you can find out about the top ten best USB microscope models at, a great website with a host of very detailed and informative reviews of these excellent devices, as well as many other items that may be of interest. They give you details of specifications, usability, magnification power and cost, and we feel sure you will want one when you see just how affordable they can be.

Using Your USB Microscope

A USB microscope is a very simple device to use: with most, you simply plug in to your USB port, switch on and you’re ready to go. You can use it to view anything you want, whenever you want, and we guarantee you will find it to be a useful item, as well as one that is fun to use. They are inexpensive and you will be able to use it to show your children more about the natural world around them, so it is a great item for family fun. Have a look at the website now for more information on the great range of USB microscopes, and buy yourself one right away.