Every winter we all tell ourselves that during the summer, when the heating is turned off, we will service the whole heating and hot water system and make sure it is ready for the next winter.

It’s a lie we tell ourselves in the hope that it might finally come true. We’ve all approached the first cold morning of winter and felt that slow creeping of dread, which signifies that once again we forgot to service the boiler. The feeling of dread is all about hoping that the boiler and heating turn on first time and that all of the pipes are still free-flowing.

We’ve all heard the lectures and read the leaflets about proper London property maintenance tasks, but somehow it just seems to slip the mind and drops off the bottom of the important job list.

The good news is that, it is now those summer months and you have read this so we’ve been able to remind you to service your boiler and heating systems. The really good news for you is that not only will you not have to hope your heating fires up, but you will be saving money over the winter.

Blocked pipes, radiators which only have heating in one side and miss-firing boilers are all extremely inefficient ways to heat your home. They will do a job and will eventually get your home warm, but not only will they take time to get the heat around, they will be burning through your wallet to do so.

The most effective way to ensure that your heating system is running at it’s most efficient is to have a service completed from an engineer. They will be able to assess your system, correct any issues and carry out routine maintenance to ensure your system maintains peak performance.

One of the essential maintenance tasks for your heating system is to have a power flush every four to five years. When you have chosen your power flushing London based engineer, they will be set up the system to send a high-pressure and high-flow water jet through the pipes and radiators to remove any blockages and built-up residue.

Once this has been removed, your system will be able to function at it’s peak performance and ensure that your home heats up as fast as possible.

Don’t put it off until it is too late again, book your service today.