When you hear the words, Microsoft Azure, what do you think of? If you can see the crystal clear blue waters of the Azure sea, then we’re starting off in the right place.

If you have never heard of Microsoft Azure, then this is the perfect place to start. These are the five essential things you need to know about Microsoft Azure before you even consider using it.

  1. It’s Microsoft – You can trust it

You will probably be using a Microsoft product every day of your life. Nearly 90% of computers use Microsoft Windows as their operating system. You might know Internet Explorer, XBox, PowerPoint or even Skype. All of these are Microsoft products.

  1. It’s a Cloud

That’s right, we’re only on the second point and already we’ve gone to new technology jargon. The cloud is a storage solution. Remember CDs and Discs? Well, the Cloud works in much the same way. Rather than storing your files on the computer, you save your files onto the Cloud. However, instead of being a physical device you can hold, the Cloud is just an online storage location.

  1. You can share it

Just like with all Cloud options, Azure is a place where you can share your work and your files with other users. If someone else logs into your Cloud at the same time as you, you can collaboratively work on the same project. Azure has been designed specifically to be used in this way and there are more tools and apps to help you get the most of it, than you will ever be able to dream of using.

  1. It is secure

As secure as any website or computer is today, the Microsoft Azure is secure. This is one of Microsoft’s biggest recent pushes and they are keen to make it the new way for companies and people to do business. Therefore they have heavily invested in keeping the information, files and client details as secure as they possibly can. Everything is backup up and runs from multiple servers, so even if there is a massive hack and everything goes, it will all be back up within the day.

  1. You can use Cloud services

Microsoft Azure is more than just a storage space for your files. It has programs and apps you can use, which have been specifically designed to be used and shared with other users. One of the best features of Azure is the analytics available from within the cloud. If you have a wealth of data about your company or your sales, then you need to start using Azure to ensure you get the most relevant and important information from it.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based portal where you can use a wealth of Microsoft tools and software to extract the most from your existing data. It has become a must-have for a modern data-driven business and will only increase in importance.