Whether you’re after insurance for your home, car, business or anything else, you might be tempted to get a policy online directly from an insurer or via a price comparison site. Before you sign up to products like this though, it’s important to be aware that some online policies simply don’t cut it – and here are a few of the reasons why.

Generic policies might not meet your needs

Generic online policies may be fine for some customers, but if you have specific insurance requirements, this impersonal way of getting cover can mean you end up with a product that isn’t properly tailored to meet your needs. If you want to be sure that your policy will provide you with a suitable level of cover, you may be better served by approaching a specialist independent broker instead. These organisations will take account of your precise needs and offer bespoke policies that tick all of your boxes.

As well as regular policies, independent brokers can help you if you’re looking for more unusual insurance. For example, the family run Forum Insurance brokers provides a wide range of tailored cover options, including high value home insurance, family fleet car cover, petrol forecourt protection and more.

You’re on your own when it comes to the Ts and Cs

Insurance can be confusing, and if you get a generic policy online, you might struggle to get to grips with the terms and conditions. The information will be available for you to read, but unless you understand all of the jargon, it’s easy to get confused. This could increase the risk of you taking out unsuitable cover.

In contrast, if you approach a broker, you’ll benefit from a much more personalised service. You’ll be able to speak to experts via email or on the phone to ask questions and get further information and advice. As well as helping you to make the right choice, this can take the stress out of the process and give you peace of mind that you’ve got appropriate cover.

It can be difficult to make a claim

Making insurance claims directly to insurers can be stressful and time-consuming. However, if you get your policy through a broker, you should find that – in the unfortunate event that you have to make a claim – this process will be smoother and quicker. Brokers are there to represent you rather than insurers and it’s in their interests to work with you to settle claims as efficiently as possible.

Given these benefits of using a broker, you might want to think twice before taking out generic insurance policies online.