If you have been chosen for your first overseas business trip, you are probably brimming with emotions. Whilst this is a big responsibility and can be nerve-wracking, it is also a great way to improve your career and get yourself up the career ladder. When you are overseas, you are representing your company and, therefore, need to look and act the part. If you are unsure of where to begin when getting ready for your overseas business trip, read this practical guide for some useful tips and tricks.

Before You Go 

There are many things that you need to get together before you travel. One very important piece of documentation you need to have is your passport. This needs to be in date and on your person for the flight, so no forgetting it on the day of your trip! If your trip is upcoming and you have forgotten to renew your passport, look no further than Peterborough passport office. The passport office Peterborough offers a fast track passport program available for anyone that needs an urgent passport. For more information and to make an appointment to get your passport renewed quickly visit www.passports-office.co.uk. There, for a small fee, you can make an appointment at your local passport office. The site also has lots of useful travel information.

Many countries require more than just a passport though, so you need to make sure that you have any other documentation needed. This includes a visa and travel insurance. In case of a travel emergency, have a copy of all of your important information both digitally and on paper. Travel insurance is usually covered by the business but is certainly best to check beforehand. It is also a good idea to let your bank know that you plan to travel overseas. Even if your business is paying for most things, you do not want to offer to get the next round of coffees in at a meeting, only to find that your card won’t work. 

Getting money exchanged before you go is also a good idea. If you do not do this, the airport could cost a lot more. You may need some money for food or taxis, so having this ready before you go will save you money and hassle. Don’t forget to add an out of office reply to any emails whilst you are overseas. This means that your emails can be redirected to someone that may be able to help whilst you are away. It may be that you do not get much chance (or internet) to check emails whilst on your trip, so doing this ensures nothing important is missed. 

How to Pack

Packing the day before your flight means everything is covered and nothing is forgotten. If you are usually a last-minute packer, try not to do this for your overseas business trip. The last thing you want is to have forgotten your tie and not be able to go out and buy one. The first thing you need to establish before your flight is if you are going to be taking hand luggage or whether you will be getting your luggage checked in. If you are just going for a few days, chances are you will be restricted to hand luggage, so you need to know how to pack light and exactly what to pack for a business trip. 

When packing light, it is good to know how to pack to make the most space of your case or bag that you can. Many people fold or roll their clothes and there are many tutorials online that show how to fit as much as you can into a small bag, you’d be surprised! When choosing clothing, think about the destination, as well as any clothing restrictions. Some places you visit may require you to cover up modestly, so ensure you know the customs beforehand. Choosing clothing that can mix and match and works well in both the day and night will mean you utilise space efficiently. 

Do Your Research

Before going on your overseas business trip, you must do some research. Not only should you research the place you are visiting so you know places nearby for food and toiletries, you also need to understand any laws or cultural differences. There are many cultural differences between countries, especially in terms of business. Are you aware of how to handle any language barriers? Are you aware of how to accept and give out business cards whilst in Japan? If not, it is certainly worth brushing up on your knowledge or talking to colleagues who may have already been there. 

You should also research the company that you are visiting the country for. The more you know about them, the more you can impress them, and this will lead to a better outcome overall. If you are looking at getting ahead in your career, having a successful overseas business trip is one way to impress and show your dedication for your career. It is also good to check out what else the place has to offer, especially if you are going to have some free time. Whilst business should always come first, if you have a day on your own before flying home, why not use this time to be a tourist? You may never get the opportunity again, so it is worth doing. 

Don’t Forget Jet Lag

One part of a business trip that many people find worrying is the travelling, especially if the business meeting is on the same day or you land late at night. Whilst you may be lucky and not travelling far and have good flight times, this isn’t always the case, so planning ahead means your jet lag will not be as bad. You should certainly avoid alcohol on a business trip. Not only does this look unprofessional, but alcohol will cause further dehydration and lead to you feeling sleepy and possibly coming off the flight with a bad head. 

Sleeping on the plane is also a good idea as it limits any jet lag you may feel. Take with you a little travel pillow and some earphones to help you sleep. If you get nervous on planes, why not make a relaxing playlist to help you unwind and sleep through the journey. Whatever you do, don’t use alcohol as a way to get yourself to sleep, as this will only wake you up to use the toilet. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle leading up to the flight and don’t give in to the temptation of ordering fried foods whilst at the airport. Exercising during your trip will also leave you feeling more alert, especially if this is usually part of your daily routine. 

An overseas business trip doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. As long as you get all of your documentation ready beforehand and ensure you are covered for any emergencies, your business trip should go off without a hitch. Don’t forget to pack early and pack light; this will save you stressing before your flight and means you won’t incur any baggage fees for overpacking. Avoid alcohol on the plane and stay dehydrated to reduce jet lag.