Promotional pins are small enamel pins that people wear on the lapel of their jackets and on bags to display what is printed on the pins. They are also called enamel or lapel pins, and you will often find them at public and corporate events. On the other hand, badges are slightly larger, but they are used for the same purpose as lapel pins. Entrepreneurs and managers can take advantage of both to promote the names of their businesses. However, it is imperative to know the best way to use them at a public event to have a bigger impact.

Understanding the Theme of the Event

Events come with different themes. For your pins and badges to have an impact, you must target the users well. For instance, a corporate public event requires high-quality lapel pins more than badges meant for bags. On the other hand, sports events for youths will go well with light plastic badges to be attached to bags.

If your business is not hosting the event, another important reason to understand more about the event is to get approval from the organisers to use promotional materials. Sometimes, the two parties might come to an agreement to share the promotional space on the lapel pin or badge. However, you should ensure that your brand name is visible if another name is to be added.

Choosing the Material to Use

Lapel pins and badges are partly judged by the material used to make them. High-end pins are made of metal and coated with enamel to give a glossy finish. It is during this coating that the promotional content is printed on them.

If you consult with custom enamel pins uk experts, they will give you further tips on choosing the best materials. Badges can also have more value and impact if they are made of quality metal and plastic materials.

Designing the Best Promotional Pins and Badges

The design of these promotional products plays a significant role in their usefulness. It is easier to design pins that take the shape of your company logo since they are relatively small. Actually, it is not a must that you print any text on them. Badges often include definite symbols like a circle and then proceed to have the relevant promotional text and colours printed on them.


This is the most crucial step in using these promotional products. If the distribution is not effective, then you will have less of an impact. First, ensure that you have enough pins and badges to reach the number of people that you intend. It is ideal to target a minimum of 80% of the attendees. Better still, have one for everyone and even extras to take to friends.

Make sure that the distributors are thorough in giving the pins or badges to everyone and encouraging them to wear your promotional items. If possible, provide assistance in handing out the badges and pins.


As you can see, the steps for using promotional badges and pins to promote a brand name are simple and straightforward. But the details involved are important. It is best to involve experts in the procedures to avoid making mistakes that are costly.