If you ever play Blackjack online for real money, you would certainly want to know how to increase your chance of winning. As a game where the winnings depend on how much money is being gambled and when. Making sure you manage your money effectively will offer more chances at winning the game and reduce the factor of luck.

Slow and Steady Winning Method

The fear of a first-time loss on a high stakes game can be off-putting for most beginners. Fear not, however, the few tricks ahead can certainly help you beat the blackjack table may well be for you.

Raise the Bet After Every Win

This tactic works based on the probability theory that the winning hands and losing hands come in streaks. Although Blackjack is a game of chance and the cards are drawn completely randomly, there still seems to be a pattern that appears when we look at the hands drawn. Raise your bet slowly each time you win, resetting when you lose a hand.

The 1-3-2-6 Blackjack Betting Strategy

If you play with a mid-range bankroll, this could be the perfect strategy for you. This tactic triggers following your first win. This tactic also takes into consideration the above-mentioned pattern of streaks.

$10 – $30 – $20 – $60

This is how your winning streak will look, if you hit a loss, however, you need to reset back to the $10 bet. This tactic makes the most of those ‘hot-streaks’ while stopping you from overspending.

Big Money Bets: the Martingale Strategy

The famous Martingale strategy is for those with more than $500 budget to play with – if you don’t have the full amount, it would be wise to refrain from the Martingale tactic. This one is completely different from other tactics and would require much more experience to use it.

Double your bet every time you lose

This one might seem counter-productive. However, if we look at the streak pattern in which the cards come, the payoff from a winning bet that usually comes after the losing one has more chances of being the one most players are looking for.