The trend to go eco is an ever-growing movement to protect mother earth. Anyone can participate in one way or another. Recycled tote bags can help entrepreneurs kill two birds with one stone: promote their brand and save the environment. This article will discuss recycled tote bags and everything entrepreneurs should know.

So, what are these bags? These are eco-friendly and ethically sourced promotional bags. They are generally made of recycled materials such as paper or fabric and then printed with the intended branding message. They are reusable to reduce waste, which is also a plus to entrepreneurs because they increase the exposure of the branding message.

Materials Used in Recycled Tote Bags

These bags are made of a myriad of materials, all of which are green to save the planet.

·       Fabric – Cotton, corduroy, canvas, and many other materials can be used to make green recycled tote bags that are reusable. Entrepreneurs can use these bags to promote their businesses efficiently because people prefer such bags for shopping, carrying stuff to work, beach use, and in many other ways on a daily basis.

·       Plastic – Handwoven recycled tote bags are also very common. They make good use of recycled plastics, and since they are reusable, they are the best to promote a brand as well. So, entrepreneurs can choose to brand and use these bags in their businesses.

·       Paper – To reduce deforestation, innovative manufacturers have been recycling paper to make reusable paper bags. They are easy to print and brand with different marketing messages and colours.

Benefits of Using Recycled Tote Bags

If you have checked the recycled tote bags from RocketBags, you might have noticed that they are eco-friendly. What you might not know is that they come with numerous benefits. There is no need to worry because we will share the popular benefits here.

·       Users prefer them – As mentioned, everyone is looking for a way to save the planet. Hence, many people would prefer using recycled tote bags. As such, this is the best branded marketing tool an entrepreneur can use to promote their business. When buying these bags from a seller, look for useful and durable bags to ensure that your message has the longest exposure.

·       They are affordable – Most recycled tote bags are affordable, especially when you consider a wholesale purchase. Entrepreneurs will always have something to suit their budgets, with paper tote bags being the most affordable. One can also compare prices from different sellers.

·       Conserve natural resources – All recycled tote bags save resources in one way or another. They either use green materials or use recycled materials. Some are award-winning recycled materials you can rely on. So, check if you want to comply with environmental guidelines.

·       They are durable and reliable – Lastly, it is worth mentioning that many of the recycled tote bags are durable, particularly those made of fabric and plastic. Therefore, they are the best to carry your promotional message and save the environment.


As an entrepreneur, you should know that recycled tote bags have many benefits to your business, and you should consider them anytime. You now have crucial information when planning and executing your marketing strategies. All the best.