We all know that winter is the costliest season of the year. What with the expense of buying presents, heating bills and staying entertained whilst it’s dark outside, it can add up to a real financial headache.

So here are five simple ways that you can earn a little extra, avoid unnecessary expense, and even have some fun on the cheap!

Cut down on overheads

Our homes obviously require more in the way of heating and electricity during the dark months of midwinter. But there are real savings to be made in all areas of the home from buying energy-saving lightbulbs to simple things like keeping doors closed to avoid those chilly drafts.

It’s leaky doors and windows that can often stack up some unwelcome heating bills, but some of these insulation tips can show how even simple window film can save you some pennies.

Learn to hibernate

Once of the nice things about making your home nice and warm, is that it makes it much harder to leave! Embracing the spirit of winter hibernation means that we can avoid the unnecessary cost of heading out to restaurants, bars and entertainment complexes by creating our own cosy haven.

So be sure to get plenty of boxset series lined up on Netflix, head to Mr Smith Casino to enjoy a new slot every day, and of course, get a freezer full of tasty food to help you get through the cold winter nights!

Money-saving shopping

The period after Christmas is famous for brands offering some crazy online sales prices which means that we can all enjoy taking advantage of some fantastic online bargains. And whilst this can be good for consumer products like clothes and entertainment items, it can be tough to apply such money saving practices to regular life.

But even something as simple as buying food in bulk has helped many families reducing their weekly bills, which leaves much more money for fun things like movies and casino games!

Working through winter

The other good thing about making your home cosy is that it makes it an environment that can serve as a decent workspace too.

There’s been an explosion of flexible freelancing jobs on the internet in recent years with websites like Upwork making it easy to do find a range of freelance jobs from data input to blog creation that can be a real life-saver if you’ve overspent on Christmas presents.

So whether you’re fixing up your home for the new year, indulging in a few casino games, or just creating your first blog, there’s plenty of ways to explore some cost-effective activities this winter.