Business owners have had a lot of challenges to deal with over the course of the last year, from the first lockdown through to Brexit preparations, from figuring out how we were going to run our companies with everyone working from home to keeping on top of furlough schemes and the latest government grants.

However, it’s crucial that we don’t lose sight of the things that we should be thankful for, and maintaining clear and open lines of communication with our employees has kept morale up and kept our businesses running. As we work through yet another lockdown and navigate the first month of the post-Brexit transition, it’s more important than ever that we keep the people we work with in mind and show them a little appreciation where we can, so that we can all power through the next few months.

Remember To Stay Flexible

Working from home was always going to come with its own challenges but it’s not as simple as making sure that everyone is at their desks at 9am sharp. You need to remember that each and every one of your employees is facing their own challenges and concerns during this pandemic, and that everyone is having to make some pretty serious adjustments to their lifestyle.

Flexible working hours have been a great way to make sure that everyone is staying productive and staying happy, allowing people a bit of breathing room for commitments such as childcare and supporting people who are shielding. You should also remember to stay on top of training to ensure that everyone is up to speed with the programmes and systems in place, and try to supply your employees with the technology they need to get the job done.

Make A Point Of Celebrating When You Can

Now that we are all working from home and catching up over Zoom once a day, it can be easy to forget about the occasions and celebrations that would normally bring us together as a team. From birthday cakes to the monthly nights out at the pub, these were what we used to think of as the little things that were built into our routine. It allowed us to actually get to know who we were working with, as opposed to seeing them on a thumbnail on your computer screen. Well, the circumstances may have changed but it doesn’t mean that we have to stop being sociable.

Make a point of going the extra mile to make people feel special and you will see an improvement in morale. Celebrate those birthdays, organise extracurricular events, and make the effort to get to know new hires. And, when lockdown does eventually ends, make sure that you have something special planned. An outdoor event in the summer when things are a little brighter is an absolute must, and for any businesses in need of AV suppliers, Energy AV Sales has all the equipment you need from DJ decks to lighting and rigging, not to mention fog machines!

Be Aware Of Their Mental Health Needs

It’s been a brutally tough year for everyone and business owners must remember that their employees may be struggling with everything that’s going on outside of their work hours. Working from home has also hit a lot of people hard. It can feel a lot more difficult for anyone having a hard time to feel like they can reach out and let people know what’s going on now that there’s not a physical door to knock on, or someone to confide in over a cup of coffee in the break area. If one of your employees is showing signs of struggling, then discreetly reach out. If they come to you with a problem, be considerate of their needs and work together with them to find a solution. We’re all in this together.