As the sun has returned into our lives, we can now start to plan for the summer fun to begin. When you live in Britain, summer means two things: two weeks of sun and Wimbledon. The two won’t necessarily coincided and often the rain showers can be game changers in the tennis, but they are the two guarantees of the Great British summer.

The great thing about Wimbledon, is that it spreads itself over two weeks and the last weekend is almost a festival of amazing tennis. With the Women’s, Men’s and the Double’s finals all happening across the last Saturday and Sunday, it is the perfect time for you to have a summer party.

If you are going to throw a Wimbledon themed party, these are some key aspects you really should not forget:

Strawberries and Cream

There would be a riot if you forgot to serve Strawberries and Cream. The British strawberry market is almost built on the public’s demand for their product over this weekend. Your guest will expect to be greeted with a bowl of fresh strawberries, floating in a generous pool of cream. This really isn’t an option, it is more of a demand. You will need to plan and prepare for buying enough strawberries to cover your guest’s appetites.

Mini-Tennis or Table Tennis

A little light-hearted fun is always welcome at any party and a mini tennis set or a table tennis set could be the perfect addition. It has the benefit of providing instant entertainment if there is a rain delay on court and will immediately become the focal point of your party. Even a mini table tennis set will encourage your guests to play around and enjoy themselves. For a couple of pounds outlay, you can have added another element to your party.

Back a Winner

As with every sporting event in the world, someone somewhere will be telling you exactly who will win and why. They know before a ball has even been hit and they are completely certain. They are the sort of person who tells you that they backed the winner last year and the year before. Sometimes the only way to deal with these people is to jump online and place a bet. Two clicks here and there and you can get back to your party.

British Etiquette

This is the best weekend to bring out your finest British Etiquette, from annunciating your words through to triangular white bread and cucumber sandwiches. It’s the time to celebrate everything which makes you proud to be British. When you pick up your cup of tea, the little pinkie finger needs to be sent out straight like a flag pole.

The Wimbledon finals weekend is a great time to have a party and celebrate everything which is great about the British summer. Just make sure that you do not run out of strawberries and cream, we wouldn’t want to see another riot starting.