You might think that a career in teaching is all about starting class when the bell rings, finishing in the early afternoon and having a long break over summer but you’re wrong. That’s why we’re here to dispel the myths about what it’s like to be a teacher by highlighting a recent survey by Simply Education.

Survey says…

After asking a total of 200 teachers, the survey concluded that the majority of them woke up at 6.30 in the morning, choosing cereal as their go-to breakfast before starting their day with a 15-30 minute commute.

A typical teaching day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 3.30pm but that doesn’t mean that the fun ends there. In fact, a staggering 77% of teachers stated that they spend extra hours (sometimes as many as five) at work to mark assignments, plan lessons and run after school activities.

However, it’s not all work no play

When the end of the day finally approaches, 72% of teachers said that they like to wind down by watching their favourite television show, although socialising and staying active weren’t far behind on the list.

Typically, teachers said that they eat dinner at around 7pm but when homework calls a 9.30pm dinner time isn’t uncommon. That’s only one hour before bedtime for a lot of teachers, but for the particularly nocturnal types among those surveyed, hitting the hay would sometimes be as late (or as early) as 1.30am.

If you’re a teacher yourself, how does your daily schedule compare to that of the teachers that were surveyed? Perhaps you could boast an even later bedtime…

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